Easy to make Car quilt

When I attended the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, I ducked into a large fabric booth to avoid an overeager magazine salesguy. While there I realized they had some fun prints for sale. The first ones that caught my eye were of automobiles. I bought them and I am going to show you what I sewed, an easy to make car quilt.


The main piece of fabric was a panel of sorts. It had 12 cars which repeated with states behind them. While I wised there were more states, I suppose I am lucky there were not all 50.

I cut up the panel which was a bit sad as I did like the print and color behind the cars. However, it was not evenly distributed all around so it had to be cut. You can see it if you look behind each cut up car; the color seemed to really be a good choice.


When I liked the arrangement of cars, I put each of the other fabrics next to them. I had to decide which one to use as the sashing. I liked both of them but ultimately decided to go with the lighter, smaller print.


I cut 2.5" strips going horizontally and vertically. I sewed all the car blocks together in 4 car strips and then joined those strips together with the horizontal strips.

It seemed to need some color and I thought back to the aqua colored original background. I had just enough to put a 2" finished border all around the cars.

I added a 5" border on the top and the bottom. Again, I had to take care to cut two horizontal strips and two vertical borders. Directional fabrics have their special challenges!car-re-4

For the back I had two yards of a transportation themed fabric but it wasn't wide enough. I looked at my pile of leftover fabrics. I decided, yep, I can add a pieced strip.


I added 10 inch by 7 inches rectangles set apart by strips of aqua. Son of a gun, it wasn't quite wide enough. I decided to preview the binding fabric. I added 2 inch finished strips which set off fabrics well, I liked it.

I then let it sit and sit. I pretended like I didn't know how to quilt it. But in reality, I just had a lot of small projects I wanted to get done first. car-re-6

I also like to have one quilt on the Gammill while I work on another quilt. I finally got this one loaded on Gladys and started quilting. I quilted tires in the black, street stripes in the aqua, meander in the sashing and squares in the car blocks.


I was able to quilt it fairly quickly, hooray!

I bound it in the same ombre yellow I had used on the back. Here is it, being held up around 2 am the night I finished it. I tend to finish all my quilts late. car-re-8

You can maybe see the quilting a little better on the back. I quilted it in yellow and that night brought it to guild.  It was fun to show.

But the most fun of all was giving it to Henry. He came over to spend some time with us. I held up the quilt and said, "I made you a car quilt, Henry!"

He ran over with a huge smile on his face. He yelled "I LOVE IT" and grabbed it in the middle and ran off to cuddle with it. He sleeps with it now.

That child will get quilts for the rest of his life!


Sew happy!

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I have written about quilts for kids before. Here is a link to another one.

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