DIY How to make an 8 Crayon bag tutorial

I have a bag mania going on and I like it. Combine that with a need to give a demo at my guild on pockets and envelopes at my guild this month and you have this post. Read and learn how to make an 8 crayon bag.


Here is a glimpse of the finished project. Yep, it's an 8 crayon bag. I used the big jumbo crayons. I also have one additional motivation for making this bag. The wonderful family that lives below me always gives presents to my grandchildren. I am bound and determined to be read this year with presents of my own. I bought Cat in the Hat fabric and I am making four projects using it. This is my second one.

Are you shocked that I am this ready for presents? I am also. I have covered Valentine's day and Christmas. I have projects in mind for Halloween and Easter. Don't worry, I'll pester you with blogs on them also.cray-2

Here is how I started out, I had the crayons, supplies, a pattern I bought years ago for a guide and the fabric. You can see that the pattern has the small crayons, two rows of them.


I cut two pieces of the fabric, same size which was 14 inches by 20

inches. I ironed both onto fusible batting. Then I sortof quilted them.

I did not think of this on my own, she suggested it in the pattern. Everything else I changed, but I liked that idea. I sewed lines across at the ears of the cat.

I cut the two pieces in half, I now had four pieces.cray-4 I would use two for the outside of the bag and two for the lining. But first, I had to create the crayon pocket.

I wanted the crayon pocket to be lined and fit 8 jumbo crayons. I took one crayon and saw how much room it would take up. I added length for the ends and multiplies by 8. Yes, I had to use paper and pencil.


I cut two of those strips. I sewed them together on the top and both sides. I then pressed it in half, I pressed it really well.

Then I pressed each half in half. I kept pressing to create lines. These would be my sewing lines.

I sewed the same way, first I sewed the middle line onto the front piece of the outside of the bag. Then I did the two ends. I worked my way along until all the lines were sewn down. cray-8

Then I checked to make sure that the crayons fit in. By golly they did. Now I had to sew the bottom onto the front and cray-6join the two front pieces together.

I made two straps, I made them about 14 inches long but you can judge what you need. I sewed them onto both outside pieces.

I sewed the outside pieces together. I also joined the inside lining pieces but I left a gap at the bottom. cray-11I sewed the two together at the top, making sure not to catch the straps.

I turned it inside out, using the gap to allow that to happen. I sewed that gap together on the right sides, you can see it but it's all the bottom of the bag.

I then sewed all around the top. I made sure I had the bag nicely pressed at this point. I always sew my bags at the top to keep the lining from trying to poke out of the bag.

I know there are a lot of words here, but it made up very fast. I bought a Cat in the Hat coloring book that I will put inside when I give it. Here it is, ready for gift giving.


Sew happy!

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