Alice in Wonderland book club was delicious fun

Alice in Wonderland book club was delicious fun. Let me tell you all about our grand finale. My book club reads 3 classic books a year and we meet every four months. We pick books about a year in advance and announce the dates. In fact, I listened to the audiobook last year when I had my eye surgery, that is how far ahead we can plan.


I had so much fun preparing for this meeting. First thing I did was buy leggings. Then I kept seeing better and better leggings.

You know how this ends, right? I ended up with three pairs of leggings. I have Alice, Chesire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. I am hoping that you can never have too many Alice in Wonderland leggings.

3 seems like just the right amount. OK, fine, it's way too many. But I take book club clothing very seriously. Or, it's a good excuse to buy new stuff. Not sure which.

I also got a purple (PURPLE!) Alice top. I wore it with the Queen of Hearts leggings. Overkill, I know!

I planned the table around that theme and used an old tablecloth to create napkins and a table runner. My heart tablecloth was not long enough for our new table. I cut 18 inches off each side of the middle.b

I serged each side and put it in the middle. I then cut the two strips into 4 eighteen inch squares each. I serged those 8 napkins, done.


On the table I also used an old deck of cards that I randomly scattered. On Pinterest I had seen a red and white flower arrangement in a square glass vase with heart cards.

I only had a clear glass salad bowel but I think it turned out just as fun as the one I copied. When I got the table set I realized I did not have any white or black tea pots.

However, I did have red and white cherry tea pots and tea cups.  dI had started buying some at Mount Vernon and added a few more in Door County. They fit right in!

For a tea party, you need tea sandwiches. I made egg salad, cucumber, pimento cheese plus radish with butter. I loved them all.

One guest brought mushrooms, so perfect! Another guest made scrumptious tarlettes and yet another brought salad. We had a feast!

For dessert I bought way too many eclairs and cookies. Oh darn, we have leftovers. My daughter brought two mouth watering mini pies. We also had homemade cinnamon buns which said EAT ME on them in frosting. Clever and delectable.

May is a busy month so we had a small contingent but five is a great number for a discussion. We all enjoyed the book and each other.  It was not curious and curiouser, it was delicious and fun.

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