Modern Improv Half Square Log Cabin quilt top is finished

I loved getting to an important part in making a quilt. Today I am so happy that the modern improv half square Log Cabin quilt top is finished. If you missed the block post, you can catch up here. I have to admit, it is not such an easy thing to put together a quilt top with no straight lines and every block is completely unique.

I kept at it, measuring, clipping, adding strips and here it is.


I wasn't lying, you can see that there probably isn't a straight line in this quilt. I cut every piece free hand. None of the seams line up.

It is meant to be very modern and free form and I think it is. I didn't even square the top up. But I think it was super fun to make, a back-rechallenge I enjoyed.

The back is yet to be made. I am making this quilt for Henry's big boy bed, a twin. I want the finished quilt to be around 72" by 90" which is wider than this fabric.

I was happy to find this yardage in the pile of fabrics I had collected to make Henry's back-fabric-repeacock quilt. I hadn't used a bit so it is more than long enough. But it isn't wide enough by a long shot.

I dove back into the pile and came up with this fabric. I had forgotten about both of them so I was pretty excited. I have to remove the selvage and sew a strip of the second fabric on each side of the first.

Before I can do all that, I have to get these fabrics smooth. Being at the bottom of the pile created some fierce wrinkles. The top fabric has already been ironed once.

While I was fabric pile diving, I cleared out the small scraps and put them in my donation box. I put the solids with the other solid fabrics and added the green ones to my green bins.

I now have a manageable pile that I will either cut up into pillowcase pieces or leave for another year.

My money is on the pile.

Sew happy!

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Want to see the original peacock quilt for his room? It's pretty great and its collection yielded the back fabrics. Click here.

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