I found the perfect dog for me

When I was growing up my mother allowed us to have dogs and we loved them. However, we weren't very good at feeding them, walking them or picking up after them. We may have made promises to the contrary but most of the work fell on my mother. When I had children, I had two dogs as well, it just seemed normal. After Emily was in the hospital 8 times in 7 months with asthma attacked during her second year, we realized we could never have dogs in our home.

Even though Emily no longer lives with us, I prefer that she be able to breathe when she comes to visit. But I have always had a soft spot in my heart for black and tan dachshunds just like two of our dogs of so many years ago.

slides032We had Gretel, she was my favorite dog. Here she is as a puppy with my younger sister. Both are darling.

Poor Gretel broke her back and had to go live on a farm. Not really, we had to put her to slides039sleep but we didn't tell my sister.

We also had Sam who was a dachshund mix and a really good dog.  I think I am holding her in this picture, I might have the pictures mixed up. Wasn't I so sophisticated? My Mother believed in keeping your ears covered.

Sam lived a good life but eventually also went to live on a farm. We then got our third and final dog who was just a puppy when she died. My mother decided no more tears, no more dogs.

I don't pet dogs as I got out of the habit when Emily was young. But I make exceptions for dachshunds. I have a friend who has a miniature dachshund and I have visitation rights with Roxy.

20171212_235755I follow dachshund sites on Instagram and send small amounts of money to Dachshund rescue groups. But finally I found the perfect dog for me, Gretel the second.

Isn't she the cutest dog ever? She is so polite, she never barks, never makes a mess and is house broken. She will live with me forever.

Zara and Emily got her for me but couldn't wait to give her to me so I got an early Christmas20171212_235629 present. I screamed with delight.  Did I mention that she is also hypo allergenic?

She's so fun to have. We even had a condo meeting at my condo and I said, oh look, I got a new dog. Everyone agreed she fit in the pet allowances in our bylaws.

A good friend of mine made her, she is a crocheting whiz! She is selling some of her cute animals in a bazaar on Friday night in Crest Hill, Illinois. I will be there also. If you live in the Chicago area, check it out.

I know my Gretel isn't real but not having to walk her in the cold Chicago winters is a big plus.

Sew happy!

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