Changes at ChicagoNow and my blog

There are changes at ChicagoNow and my blog, let me tell you all about them.

First of all, I blog as part of ChicagoNow, a community of bloggers who have sustained me for over five years. During that time I have had a simply terrific community manager, Jimmy Greenfield. I am a better quilter because of this blog and a better blogger because of Jimmy.

Things are changing, as things often do. Change seems to be the only constant in life and my blogging life is no exception. The biggest change is that Jimmy is moving on to work with the digital sports department of the Chicago Tribune, the company that sponsors ChicagoNow.

I know that he will relish this change after 9 years of holding bloggers' hands. I also am sure that the new community manager, Matty, chicago-tribune-tower-developer-short-listwill be terrific.

I am pretty sure that you are aware of what is happening with newspapers all over the United States and in Chicago in particular. The Chicago Tribune sold the iconic Tribune Tower. I imagine they got a bunch of money for it and I also imagine they needed it.

Newspapers need money and people don't subscribe like they used to. In order to pay journalists the salaries they richly deserve they have to generate income and decrease chicago-tribune-tower-01expenses.

Selling the Tribune Tower was a pretty cool idea, I hope it keeps the Tribune going for years and years. I mean really, look at this location. I don't know what they will do with this property but I am sure it will be spectacular.

Another cost cutting move that the Chicago Tribune made was to eliminate all the stipends for those few bloggers at ChicagoNow who were getting one. I was lucky enough to be one of them.  I had a contractual agreement to earn $50.00 a month for my blog for the past several years.

This was because of you, the readers. I had enough people who read my blog each month to qualify for this small but validating contract. In 2018, I will be writing for free.

As you know, I do not have a sponsored blog by any fabric associated corporation. I like it this way, I can write what I want. Also, I wanted to get into the habit of writing every single day about my honest feelings and real sewing.

Writing every day brings me to one of the reasons why I started writing a blog, I had the dream of writing a book. Not a quilting "how to" book nor a Quilt mystery book. I have wanted to write a novel ever since I learned how to read.

This seems to be the moment to give that goal a try. I've got an idea and I've written two very rough chapters out of the ten I envision. I've got a lot of funny or crazy stories I want to tell from my life. You've had a taste of them on this blog.

If I am spending time writing for this blog, I am not writing on this Quixotic quest of mine. I want to give it my best shot and work on it consistently. I hope to finish the rough draft of the novel in a year.

I will continue to write some blog posts. I can see myself wanting to share my quilt finishes or goofy quilt humor. It won't be nearly as often as I do now.

I may get sick of writing a novel or I may call out for readers. It will be hard for me but I will need some volunteers to read the chapters as I finish them. Drop me an email if you'd be willing to do that painful job.

My blog has been G rated I feel, maybe PG at times. My book will probably be PG-13! It's set in a high school and the main character is loosely based on me. I've changed names and the timeline but it's the adventures and misadventures I had as a single mom who loves her job and her kids. Oh, and I date and quilt, not necessarily in that order.

I don't have an agent. I haven't a plan, yet, for getting it published. I just want to write it and figure out those important details later.

So there you have it. I'm not saying goodbye, I am just saying that you'll hear from me less often.

Wish me luck!

I plan to Sew happy and write!

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