Review of the book Charm School by Vanessa Goertzen

I don't want to brag but I have quite a collection of charm packs. I went wild buying them a few years back and even now I can't resist buying a few each year. I really need to stop accumulating them and start sewing with them. This intent led me to purchase a book and I'd like to give a review of the book Charm School by Vanessa Goertzen.


I spied this book in a quilt show Merchant's mall. It caught my eye because of the word "charm" which apparently is irresistible for me. I glanced through it and was pretty intrigued so I snapped it up.

I looked through it in the car and have it on my desk. Every time I look through it, I really like the ideas and patterns. I really have to use up my charm packs. cs-re-0

As you can see, I have more charm packs than should be legal. I used to make bags with them and I think I got carried away. How many bags did I think I was going to make?

I have used up some of them by making baby quilts and some table runners. They were fine but I needed a jolt of originality to perk them up.


This quilt, Railroad Crossing, really appealed to me. I am quite the fan of text prints and may have an Okay pile of those hoarded. I mean saved! Or curated, something that sounds better and less quilter out of control.

Plus I really like the scrappy aspect to this quilt, I don't have a bunch of the same squares. I have all kinds of ideas dancing around in my head and I don't even dance well!

Here is another idea of hers that I love called Rock Star, it's scrappy with a light background. I was thinking low volume, maybe? I am already getting ideas.


I am pretty in love with all of her ideas but I have to leave some mystery for those of you who don't own the book yet. Here is one last page that I photographed to share.

I like it because it looks like a disappearing 4 patch. I am not sure I have enough matching charms but I could fiddle around with the idea.


The quilt is called Lickety-Split which is one of many favorite expressions of mine. I am wondering if I could also make it that quickly and with lots of my 5 inch squares in a rainbow palette.

That's what I like so much about this book. She's obviously creative herself and has great quilt ideas. But the creativity itself is what attracts me.

Creativity begets creativity and I have lots of sparks in my head now. If mental sewing were an actual thing, I would have at least 3 quilts by now. I need to start working on them with my hands.

If I don't, I may be giving out charm packs to trick or treaters next year.

Sew happy!

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