Preschool Thanksgiving theme for decorating this year

I was very lucky on Friday, I got to be a volunteer helper for my granddaughter's Preschool feast. Let me tell you, these 4 and 5 year olds know how to party! Zara has put herself in charge of our "party" this turkey day and her ideas stem from her school experiences. She has selected a preschool Thanksgiving theme for decorating this year. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

pre-re-1Before we arrived at school, Zara selected my clothes. She chose a plaid dress, pumpkin pie leggings and a turkey apron. In this picture, I had not added the holiday apron, I was very festive already.

I was also the only person who wore an apron but since I am quite the fan, that was okay with me. I was also the oldest person there so I got some grandma perks! I have to admit, I took the most pictures andpre-re-2 did the least amount of work.

The whole experience made me so sentimental. Those kids were all so darn cute I had tears in my eyes. I didn't get to chaperone like this with my own girls so I was ever so grateful.

The pilgrims and the native Americans all lined up and got along famously. They helped with all the cooking. Their teacher has more patience than any human alive.


We got to help a little bit with setting the table. You know I am a sucker for a well set table and this one did not disappoint. We also got to make and serve the plates.

One child looked up at me in amazement. I was the tallest person in the room and he said, "How did you get to be so big?" I replied, "I'm 64." He nodded knowingly in response.

It took many adults to get these kids all fed, it was super fun. I had been so excited that I had pre-re-8forgotten Zara's backpack but they gave us a plastic bag. All of her decorations came to my house.

Look at our bounty. Zara is busy making a list of food (turkey, pie), games, decorations, and jobs. She's the boss, duh!


I dug out some fall scarecrows, leaves and stickers. I printed off some coloring pages and place card blanks. I also bought some little toys to hide for a scavenger hunt.

We are putting all this into place on Tuesday as she is off this whole week. I need to get some serious sleep in before then. Did I mention she and Henry spent the night before the feast?

I have to recover from all that before the next extravaganza.

Sew happy!

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