How's the view from your sewing machine?

I have sewn in various locations including kitchen tables, dining rooms, basement, corner of my bedroom and dedicated sewing rooms. I have always tried to have something pleasant to look at while I am sewing. I might have piles on chairs and bags stuffed behind other bags but I want to be happy while I sew. So today I'd like to ask you how's the view from your sewing machine?


I probably have the best view I have ever had while sewing, I have a window for the first time ever! My condo has cathedral ceilings and there is a unit below us. Add in that I sew in a loft above all that and I am pretty high up.

I can look out and get a glimpse of nature. When I have not had this huge advantage I have hung a quilt or a poster of a window while I sew. I need something different to look at when I glance up for a little break. dsc04891

The garage roof, in and of itself, is not usually that fascinating. The one exception was when the roof was being redone and those roofers were darn good looking! My normal point of reference is the tree.

I like to see how the leaves are doing, if it's raining or windy and when it's snowing. If you don't have a window I would not recommend shelves with supplies piled on them. You deserve beauty dsc04892to look at.

When I shift my gaze to the left I see my ironing board, a quilt, pictures and my super cute clock. Again, I keep the debris to a minimum. Looking at people I love and my very first quilt make me happy. I admit, that ironing board cover could use a redo and my curtains are pretty dated as well.

I will get to that when I am caught up on all my other sewing!  dsc04893

To the right I have my favorite lamp and my book shelf. Sometimes in the middle of sewing I will grab a book and look for an idea to improve what I am doing. Or maybe I am getting bored and need a little pick me up for my brain.

You may have spotted glue up there also and thought what? I put it up there because it's not school glue and I don't want Zara to get her hands on it. Yes, you're right, she's dying to now!


While I sit there I have one more view. I can also look down! Not the best place to gaze, LOL.

All there is to see are my feet. They are bare feet, my shoes are parked to the side. If it were winter you could see my socks but trust me, you're not missing anything.

What is in front of you? Is it the best view for creativity and eye candy? Could you make it better?

I've shown you what I can see in front of me, to the left, to the right and even below. You may have noticed I did not show you what is behind me. Want to know why?

Because a Quilter is entitled to some messy secrets!

Sew happy!

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