8 Favorite things of mine today

With all the recent catastrophic weather all over the states, the world really, I have been counting my blessings. I am always thankful for my family, my health and my wonderful condo in my town. But there are daily little pleasures for which I am grateful. Let me tell you about 8 favorite things of mine today.


1. Pumpkins are plentiful and present, what a pleasure. I spied these at my local Marianos when I was picking up flowers for book club. They just make me grin every time I look at them.like-re-7

2. Wimsey is a wonderful way to package something you need into an enjoyable object. I received this tape dispenser as a gift early in my teaching career. It is the only item from my desk at school that now has a place in my home office. Form and function, I love it.

like-re-33. Sundays there is a Farmers' market of beauty and bounty not far from my condo. We are so lucky to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, foods and baked goods. There is a joyful woman from Haiti wholike-re-5 makes this cranberry sauce which I simply adore. I need to stock up before winter.

4. Sweatshirts that zip up the front and do not have a hood are a staple of mine from now through May. I have, count 'em, ten of them and two are brand new.  I enjoy wearing them with an unreasonable passion. My favorite is the blue striped one, we're BFF's.


5. Chobani flips are a fairly recent obsession. My daughter had them when we were in Alabama and I, quite simply, flipped for these flips. I like every single flavor but if it has any chocolate then I eat it first.

6. When I retired I brought home a portable file boxlike-re-6 which I re-purposed for my sewing patterns. I had quite a few file folders left, the really good ones. I hung onto them.

Later I retired from teaching Jr. College and suddenly had a whole free drawer in one of my filing cabinets. Since I adore snail mail and greeting cards I put the two together to create the best organizational system for cards in the universe.

like-re-4I buy cards when I see them, on vacation or on a good sale. I stick it into the appropriate file folder and wait. Eventually I used them all. Sigh of pleasure.

7. Mums are gorgeous this time of year. I had already killed off all my flowers that I hung up in the spring. Time for fresh colors and nature on my balcony. like-re-8

8. American Girl dolls are now being played with by a second generation of our family. Zara had received two as presents and 3 years later, started playing with them. She discovered that her Mother had a collection stored above our garage.

Over labor day weekend she went above the garage and dug them all out. We cleaned them up and she got new clothes for each one at Frankfort Fest. I washed the original clothes that were on them and my heart sings to see these dolls being loved anew.

Sure I would love to have an in-ground pool to add to this list. However, I am not greedy and my eight items are terrific, they feed my body and soul. They make me smile and keep me happy.

Plus, no pool boy needed for upkeep.

How about you, what's your favorite thing lately?

Sew happy!

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