9 lies Quilters tell

Lies are discussed often lately. I've seen quite a few articles lately, including this one.  It actually describes 8 different kinds of lies. I guess some lying is necessary, like answering "Fine" when someone asks you how you are and you just don't want to get into it. People lie, they just do.

What? Even quilters? Sigh. Yes, I think even quilters lie.lies

I know, I'm a quilter and well, I've told some of them. (Imagine me squirming here.) Here are 9 lies quilters tell.

1. Finishing - quilters lie about when they will finish a project. I've done it myself! I told my daughter I was making her a wedding quilt.

I lied, it was actually for her 3rd anniversary! I told my husband I would be down right after I finished the seam I was sewing.

I kept sewing - I should have said seams!

poze-poze-cu-pinochio-01-572. Difficulty - I have seen eye popping quilts and then talked to the quilter about the masterpiece. "Oh, it was easy."

Easy? As compared to giving birth maybe but unless it's one nine patch block that quilt was not easy.

3. Time - Have you seen those projects that you can make IN A FEW HOURS! Or maybe at the most IN ONE NIGHT. I don't believe these claims.

I think that an experienced sewist could make it that fast. After they have made dozens and perfected the process. Then one time, nothing goes wrong and the project is done within that time frame. Once!

4. Costs - I am pretty sure I lie about costs myself. I've forgotten how much I paid or I value it so much I inflate the price in my head. I've said, "Oh that cost me nothing to make!"lieslies

Just my time, the fabric I paid for over a year ago, the thread and all the expensive machinery that helped me. Free!

5. I don't have time to sew that - This really means, I don't want to. That's the short version.

The long version is messier. I have all of my own projects that I want to do. You need to find a professional and pay them.

Or maybe this person should learn to sew themselves. Unless it's your child, then you might not have the time because not enough time was allotted!

6. I need... - Maybe you do, maybe you need to get your sewing machine fixed because it won't start up. But I have bought tools because I needed them! Or maybe I just wanted them because I like cool gadgets!liar

I think the word we are all sometimes avoiding is I want. It's honest!

7. Lies we tell ourselves - I don't have the right fabric, I have to go to a quilt shop. I fall for this one every single time. It's probably my favorite falsehood I tell.

8. I will use up my stash - Now I am cracking myself up. Do you know anyone who has used up their stash? I don't!

9. I am going to keep my sewing space all clean and organized - Maybe you will, I hope so. I have told myself this and believed myself. Actually probably not, I probably knew it would get all messed up again.

The more public a space is the more likely you will stick to your word. My sewing studio is up a spiral staircase and right now, it's pretty much a mess.

However, once I use up my stash, finish all the quilts and clean it up, it will stay clean.


Sew happy!

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Or maybe you prefer alternative facts - read these and laugh.

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