Mocking older people really makes me angry

I am old, I freely and confidently admit it. I am just about to be 64 and I am darn lucky. So many people don't get to grow old. World wide, the average life expectancy is 71, which means half die before then. If you don't die young, you are lucky and will get old. So why is old age such a belittled condition? It is baffling to me and mocking older people really makes me angry.

Hmm, you might be wondering, what brought this on? I'm glad you asked and I will tell you! I read this tweet on Twitter.


I was dismayed to read this being casually tweeted like it was no big deal to mock old people. What have we ever done to her? Why did she feel this was permissible when I bet she wouldn't feel this way about mocking any other large group of the population.


You can easily find similar attitudes with a simple google search. There are memes, there is even an article entitled Let's make fun of old people.

I should just laugh it off, I really should. I am better than this! But I just don't get it, isn't it the goal of everyone to become an old person one day?

Being old is great! You get to really enjoy life especially if you are able to retire. I suppose you do find out how people really are by seeing if they mock older folks. age-1

I looked up some quotes about the pleasures of growing old and hope these are soon seen on the internet. We need to give a counter message to this old people are silly and we should belittle them. I want people to think old people are people and there are cool parts of this stage of life, like having the time to quilt and sew.

Maybe those people are really good at something else. Maybe they just never had the time, money or opportunity age-2to gain tech skills. I think knowing how to use technology and search the internet can really benefit you.

It can also cost you money, I know, I've spent a lot of money that way. Young people can also be bullied on social media sites. Cyber skills can be a two way street, just like many other things.

How about if we enjoy each age and help others gain new skills. I happen to know a lot about the recordings the old-age-3Monkees made, I am not about to make fun of those who do not. In fact that would be pretty ridiculous and you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now.

I tell you what, you can make fun of me for loving the Monkees when I was young. I'll accept it and laugh right along with you. I adore good natured ribbing.

Just don't mock old people, deal?

Sew happy!

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I also wrote once about my dislike of calling old people cute. You can read that post here. 

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