Don't panic when you run out of fabric for a quilt you're sewing

King sized quilts use up a lot of fabric. I know, I know, in other news, water is wet. Who doesn't know that a king sized quilt will use up a ton of fabric. Apparently, I did not. On Saturday I had a moment of panic. I was about to run out of fabric for a quilt I'm sewing, oh no! First I kicked myself and then I thought about what I had done in the past.

The first time this happened to me I called the shop where I had originally bought the fabric and had them ship me 5 more yards. I also went back to a store recently and bought the rest of a bolt. But sometimes you can't just get more of a certain fabric.

Numerous times I have matched it as best I could and mixed it in and hoped for the best. If I can, I put the different fabric blocks in all four corners or in a diagonal line. However, what if it isn't just one fabric?


Last time I wrote about this quilt, I had done designing, cutting and some sewing. Currently, I have all of the center blocks with the first and second strips sewn on them. What I have discovered is that there is a tremendous amount of waste that I saved and have sewn them into the binding already.

I have 14 yards of binding already done and I am not even halfway done with the blocks. I wanted variety so I had purchased all kinds of fat quarters from travels all over the country. I also used all the greenish strips from two different filler jelly rolls.

The jelly rolls had a limited number of strips I wanted to use. The fat quarters were great for color but not so greatrun-re-1 for usable strips. There were pieces left over that I couldn't use in a block. Lots of pieces - 14 yards worth.

I took stock of the larger strips I had left. You can see a block I am working on and all the available strips to use in front. ALL the available strips for 21 more blocks, yikes!


On one design wall I keep halves of blocks until I a delightful partner. I audition some pairs but I never sew them right away. I want to have them paired up with a half with a different palette, from a different fabric

I also have 6 completed blocks on the other design wall. Six is what I need for a row but I will not be sewing a row together any time soon. Again, I want a variety in each row, not certain values in one row and completely different ones in the bottom.

I would have been happy to buy more of the original fat quarter bundles but I don't know which trip or what quilt store they originated in. I am very fortunate that I didn't make this an all solid quilt. It will read as all solids but there are low volume and batiks mixed in.

I decided I just had to bit the bullet and buy more green fabric and finding enough variety in my local quilt store seemed unlikely. I felt bad as all of these fabrics had been purchased in person but now I was going to have to rely upon the internet.

I know that monitor colors can be deceiving. These seemed like the range of green I needed. I run-re-6would have to trust the color on the screen was the real color.

I made this decision as we were leaving to meet my husband's brother and wife for dinner. I thought it might be a waste of time and battery, but I shopped on my phone during the hour drive. I took a leap of faith and hit the purchase button by the time we met them.

Both packages arrived today. Can you believe it? I ordered them about 4:30 on Saturday afternoon and they were at my door by 3:00 today, Monday.

I love both of them. I already washed the fat quarters and will cut them up tomorrow. I will mix these colors and the batiks from the jelly roll in with the first blocks I already have started.

I will distribute the first six blocks into all five rows. Because I had a "green" palette, these fabrics will just expand it. By the time it is all made I will probably forget I even had to improvise.

Phew, the quilt is saved! The fabric is here! And dinner on Saturday night was delicious. We split a chocolate piñata and I got to crack it open!


Sew happy!

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