Trunk show with Heather Givans of Crimson Tate is a perfect way to spend a Friday night

I don't go out on the town much, in fact my husband and I have a routine where we collapse in front of the television with pizza after our grandchildren leave. This past Friday night I broke with tradition and wandered over to Thimbles in Lockport, IL. I attended a fantastic trunk show with Heather Givans of Crimson Tate. It was, hands down, the perfect way to spend a Friday night. You're wondering how and why, am I right? Let me tell you!


When I first got there I was so excited to see Heather I just had to hug her. She was probably wondering, who is this crazy lady hugging me? But she was a great sport and so funny and engaging all night.

She showed slides of her house which looks gorgeous. I can't wait to have a slumber party there and get to look to my heart's content. Just kidding. (Not really.)ct-re-2

After the fun slides we got to see the luscious quilts all of which I would have cheerfully stolen. This is one made from her Succulents collection, her first fabric collection. I have a now bedraggled t-shirt from that campaign. Yes, you should be jealous.

I love that her quilts are oversized and that her art background is what makes her such a unique and wonderful fabric designer. She explained that she draws and has fabrics from what she loves. She adores succulents, therefore the collection.

Her next collection is near and dear to my heart. I have a fat quarter of each one and no, I ct-re-5haven't made a quilt from them. Yet.

The Paper Obsessed collection is like Heather knew I was a crazy snail mail addict and designed a fabrics just for me. I have not used any of it because

ct-re-6each fat quarter is so special to me. Look at this small quilt made using it, do you not LOVE it?

I also am enamored of her Letters from Home pattern and even own it. She showed it made in her fabrics and in other people's fabrics. They all made me smile broadly.

I am thinking that perhaps I will be able to use those fabrics as she has a NEW collection named Literary. Excuse me, literary? She definitely is reading my mind, who posts about sewing for book club all the time?


Using those yummy fabrics she created this smaller quilt with big ole books. Pretty darn cool! I was thinking, oh maybe I will make that quilt.ct-re-9

The she showed us her book shelf quilt. I think my scalp starting sparking bedazzled rainbows of love. I know, many people have made book shelf quilts and they are fabulous.

But do they have titles of books embroidered on the spines? Maybe but they don't have the Literary fabrics. It's a good thing I was not left alone in the room with that quilt or I may have stolen it.

For real, it's stunning and worth the jail time. (First offense, maybe I would just get a fine?)

ct-re-10After a laugh filled and motivating talk and show we got to buy fabric.

I rushed up there like a junior high girl near her favorite boy band. I didn't cry or scream nor trample anyone but I was prepared. I got all 24 fat quarters from the Literary collection and yardage.

This is all for the quilt I am going to make. Sometime. Right after I make the Paper Obsessed quilt. Or maybe combine them?

I'm too excited to sew, I may need a nap.


Here I am with members of my Modern Quilters guild and my new BFF, Heather. I bet she's planning that slumber party.

Sew happy!

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I have written about Crimson Tate before. Check out this post or this one.


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