How to create a deconstructed table runner

Remember my post on how to deconstruct a Kansas Star block? No? Go read it now then, I shall wait.

Memory refreshed? Great! Now you are thinking, "What do we do with these 7 blocks?" And today, I have the answer for you!

I am going to explain how to create a deconstructed table runner. I even have pictures! But first, let's gather supplies.

Materials needed:

  • Seven 12.5" blocks or 5 blocks or smaller blocks
  • One yard of fabric for borders and binding
  • Two yards of backing fabrics
  • Two yards of batting
  • Thread, scissors, pins
  • Sewing machine


The first step in creating the table runner is to decide which order in which you would like the blocks to be. Then sew them together and press. I have a really long table so I am making a very long one.

The only issue with a long table runner is that taking a picture is hard along the way. But this gives you the idea! I started to audition fabrics for the border and I liked the very first one.

I cut the border fabric into twelve 2.5" strips. I used half for the border and half for the binding. 2017-05-02-003-2

Cut two 12.5" inch strips and sew onto each end. Cut the remainder of that strip in half to use on side borders.

Sew two strips together and then two more to create side borders. Sew on the parts of strip left over from end borders. Press seams open.

Sew side borders on each side. Press seams open and trim. That was fast with premade blocks.


Cut the backing into two long pieces each 2 yards by 20 to 22 inches. Press and layer either on the Longarm or baste with top and batting.

I was very torn as to which color to use for quilting. I think they all would have worked but ultimately I chose the far left and it looked great.

I quilted in a geometric pattern. I was going to make all squares2017-05-03-001 but I couldn't stick to it. I quilted it all in a couple of hours because I took a break halfway.


I created a continuous binding out of the remaining 2.5" strips. I really just wanted to make the border look extended. I almost pillow cased this runner to be able to skip the borders but I wanted to quilt it on the Longarm.

I think it took longer to attach the binding than to quilt it!2017-05-03-005

Here it is, all finished. Yes, it is quite long. 86" long as I used 12.5" blocks and two inch borders.

To give some perspective, my husband is 6'6" and he has his arms extended over his head. He looks cute, don't you think? I also love the table runner.

In fact, it is on my table right now. You guessed it, today is book club day and the runner is making its debut appearance. That will be my next blog post.

Stay tuned for the exciting report on book club!


Sew Happy!

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