10 Exciting and easy Kids' T-shirt crafts - a fun guest post.

Today's post was super easy for me - I didn't write it! It's a fun guest post by Joe Hughes about 10 exciting and easy kids' tee shirt crafts. Enjoy!

T-shirts fill our kid's closets and sit there until they're donated or thrown away. But, there are plenty of crafty ways you can reuse these shirts for something new and exciting. Let's take a look at a few crafts that you can do with your kids' t-shirts:

pic0091. Quilt Time

A simple, easy quilt can remind you of your child's favorite shirts throughout the years. Cut off that logo or phase and add it to an ongoing quilt that you can turn to when your kids have left the nest egg. Quilts are back in style, and you can even make a large quilt that you can place on your child's bed for added warmth.

Editor's note - I have a whole section on T-shirt quilts, including step by step directions. 

2. Add Lettering or Quotes

Old or boring white shirts (any color really) can be made hip and stylish with a new design or logo. You'll need a heat press for your design to last long, or you can buy iron-on designs that look good for one or two washes before fading and cracking.

This is a neat way to transform your old clothes.

3. Shred It

A new trend is to shred a shirt, and this is actually much different than what I pictured at first. This involves a neat technique you can see right on YouTube.

4. Speckled Ombrespeckled-ombre

The Speckled Ombre is a neat look, and this consist of placing just the bottom portion of the shirt into Dylon dying powder. The trick is to take the dry dye powder and sprinkle it onto the shirt 15 minutes after the shirt begins to dry.

The powder will make a speckle effect that's super neat.

tot-shirt5. Tote Shirt

Tank tops, or regular t-shirts, can be made into a neat tote by simply sewing along the bottom edges of the shirt. Stronger fabrics are recommended for this, but any fabric will do for a small tote that isn't overflowing with heavy items.

6. Tie Dye

Tie Dye is a trend that is in one year and out of style the next. But, it's cute style on little kids, and it's always a big surprise at family gatherings when grandma and grandpa stroll through the door. Tie Dye is easy to apply, too.

Amazon has tie dye kits for pretty cheap that will help you get started in no time.tie-dye-510230_1920

7. Dog Toy Upcycle

A dog is a man's best friend, and they're pretty fond of kids, too. If you have a dog that's in need of a new toy and an old t-shirt to spare, it's super simple to turn your old shirt into a tug-o-war toy.  Cut 2" wide slits across the base of the shirt and rip upwards to make into strips.

Tie off one end of the shirt and braid the strips together.

Tie up the other end of the shirt with any remaining strips you might have.

headband-upcycle8. Headband Upcycle

You know those cute shirts you have but never wear anymore? Well, we all have them, and our kids do, too. These shirts don't need to go to waste. If you have a little girl or you're a female yourself, you can upcycle your shirt into a cute headband.

Simply buy a cheap headband that's plastic, cut your shirt into strips just like in the last idea, and start wrapping it around the headband.

I find glue works best to hold the ends in place,, but if you make a braided pattern, it will normally stay together fairly well.

9. Table Runner

A neat idea that I learned right here on this blog is to make a table runner out of old shirts. You'll need to cut your shirts instead of use bandanas, but the finished product can look like an eclectic masterpiece filled with an array of colors, logos or neat quotes.

10. Pillow

A favorite shirt that rips on the sleeve or another part can be transformed into a pillow. Smply cut the front and back in matching dimensions, fill with cotton and sew along the edges until you have made the perfect pillow shape.

This is fast and simple, but it works well and wastes less.

The Toothfairy pillow will give you a good idea of how this process is done. You can also use other techniques to make your t-shirt stand out before making it into a pillow.

Use your imagination and have fun with your old garments and shirts. You'll find that with a little creativity, you'll waste less and make lifelong memories with your kids. You can also gift these creations to family members who are sure to love them.

Today's post was courtesy of:

jJoe Hughes, known by most as the Heat Press Guru, is an expert in DIY crafts, with a particular focus on utilizing heat press machines to create beautiful, long-lasting creations. He runs the very popular website, http://heatpressreview.com, which provides the latest heat press techniques, tricks, and ideas. He can be reached at Joe@HeatPressReview.com

Sew happy!

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Another guest post had instructions for idea #10. You can check it out here.

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