What to do if you see a black shadow in your vision

I am so happy to be able to be writing this post. I am here to share my experiences with you and give some advice. About what? About eyes or what to do if you see a black shadow in your vision.

This all started about a week ago when I started seeing a bunch of new black floaters. Black floaters are not good news but I didn't really know that. Then last Tuesday night I got a slight shadow of black in the upper left corner of my right eye.

I should have called the doctor or gone to the emergency room right away. I did not, I waited until the next day. In the meantime, I had a vicious headache which kept me in bed until noon.

I then called the doctor, after my head cleared. They were closed. I chose not to call the emergency number.

I repeat, I should have called the doctor or gone to the emergency room right away. I did not, the shadow was coming and going and I had things to do. I was debating what to do but I hate to act like something is super serious.

The next morning I decided this was indeed an emergency as I had a black spot that stayed in my vision. I did not call the doctor nor make an appointment. I just showed up at his office and explained what was happening.

My optometrist was great, he saw me immediately and I know it messed up his schedule for the rest of the day. He called the retinal surgeon and told him I was on my way. We drove right there and were seen immediately.

Fairly quickly I learned I had a hole in my left eye retina and a tear in my right eye retina. I could chose to go blind, have an immediate procedure or have the procedure in the hospital the next day and that I had a few hours to decide before serious consequences would occur.

I chose immediate and within minutes was having procedures on both eyes. The left eye hole was promptly closed with a laser. Not too bad, I was relieved. The 17192619_10208527570363029_1238037603108651226_oright eye procedure was scary and awful but only lasted about 10 minutes.

I was sent home with gas bubbles in my right eye, eye drops and instructions. I was to lie on my left side for 55 minutes out of every hour, 5 minutes to go to the bathroom or eat. I had an appointment for the next day.

I had terrible, throbbing pain and I cried like a baby. But I stuck to the schedule and the pain was less by the next appointment on Friday. I was not given any pain killers as they don't work on ocular pain.

17264227_10154590479920674_2715140204081912141_nI spent the weekend on my left side. I got tremendous support from my husband, my daughter and her family and from all of you plus Facebook friends. Thank you, thank you! By Monday the pain had lessened quite a bit.

I showed up for my appointment and the doctor was thrilled with my compliance. He told me my retina was healed and I could sit up and walk around except at night, I still have to sleep on my left side.

I was ecstatic, it was like my birthday and Christmas together.  I have never felt more grateful, lucky and happy. I have to stick to light activities for 3 weeks and I see the gas bubbles but I can move around and will even try sewing.

So what should you do if you see a black shadow in your vision? Go to the doctor immediately and follow all the instructions. Be compliant with the doctor's orders and you will heal quickly and completely!

Now I just have to explain the U of I handbag I ordered on my phone when I was feeling sorry for myself!

P. S. Look how lucky I am - besides love and support I received so many treats from friends and family. I am so grateful!


Sew happy!

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I have written about my eyes before, click here to read about my experiences with glaucoma.

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