The movie The Dressmaker is far superior to the book

Last year I read the novel, The Dressmaker, which I did not like at all. I was disappointed as I loved the idea of a female sewing protagonist. I never even bothered to see if the subsequent movie was in theaters. I did, however, see an ad for it on Amazon and decided to check it out. Much to my surprise the movie The Dressmaker is far superior to the book and I really enjoyed it.

dWhy? I am not quite sure as basically it's the same tale that is told in the book. But it's the director's vision and interpretation of the novel, not mine.

The vision of the story relayed in the movie is different in its interpretation of the events. Each of us reads a slightly different book as it filters through our brain. I liked this twist on the story much more than my own.

Or maybe I was just glad to watch a movie and not get a headache? Maybe Kate Winslet is just a terrific actress? I also find I have different standards according to how much I've paid, I bought the book but I watched the movie for free.dressmaker-re

What I also saw more clearly was the ability of sewing skills to lift up and transform the life of Tilly. The machine was almost another character and a powerful one at that. By knowing how to sew she changes her life and that of the entire town.

Were there aspects to this movie which some might find offensive? Absolutely. It's a very adult film with grief, sex and revenge. I saw it all in a more allegorical context in the movie so I personally was not offended.

Who knows, maybe I just liked seeing someone else sew since I have to take it slowly right now. There were luscious fabrics, spools of thread and designs all over her workroom. She had mad sewing skills.

At least someone was sewing albeit in a grand fantasy sort of way.

I'll be Sew happy when it's me!

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