Masterpieces with quilts for silly fun

I have quite a few loves in my life besides my family. I adore books, writing, quilting, swimming and cookies just to name a few. Recently I received a most fabulous gift which combined my habit of sending cards with my obsession with quilts. Plus this gift was so clever and funny! I received a box of "Lost Quilt Masterpieces" blank note cards. I laughed at each one and was so jealous I hadn't thought of the idea myself.

I decided I HAD to try making my own masterpieces with quilts for silly fun. I am not as skillful with photo editing as Barbara Brackman is but I sure had fun. Flip through my efforts and if you don't laugh, well, maybe you will at least have a groan or two.


Sew happy!

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This gallery is just for fun. This post is as well.


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