I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy

I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy. Crazy I tell you! I had to find a new way to reclaim part of my office, where we keep their toys. Why do we have so many toys? Because our sweethearts come here 3 days a week and we love watching them.

Part of the problem was me. Yep, this Grandma has bought a lot of toys and recently I purchased 3 sets of fake wooden food. We had great fun pretending to make sandwiches, burgers, cookies and pizza.

toys-re-1These sets had lots of little pieces. They were in nice wooden boxes that did not have lids. I was tired of chasing down miniature pepperoni!

The breaking point came when we had not even hung up their coats yet when bags-re-2Henry sped ahead to the office. No problem, right? Well, he shed his clothing and overturned so many toys in about 35 seconds that I knew we needed a toy overhaul.

This fit in well with my current level of sewing. I am almost back to normal but any close sewing is hard on my eye since surgery. Bags are so easy to make, I could practically make them blindfolded!

I was a woman possessed, I was dreaming about my next bag. I did buy some car, farm and chef fabric but the rest was from my stash. I made 7 bags and used a nice amount of fabric and some leftover batting.


I just finished two tonight and went through all the toys and put them into bags. Yes, there are a still unbagged toys but Henry needs something to mess up, yes? Or I can make more! bags-re-4

Some of the bags I had previously made. I plan to put some bags away and bring them out so they are not boring. I also plan on having only one or two bags at a time opened up.

How am I going to enforce this? Good question!

Henry doesn't know how to unzip.


Sew happy!

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I have written other post about how to make these bags. You can click here for a photo gallery version. If you prefer, this is non gallery post.

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