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Christie Brinkley and I are both 63 - let's compare for fun

Wow! She is my same age.
I recently saw a photo gallery of 11 stars who are Defying the Laws of Aging.  I laughed, a bit nervously, but tried to dismiss it as not applicable to me. But then I saw it, Christie Brinkley, 63 years old. Guess what, I am 63 years old also. Yep, supermodel Christie Brinkley and I are... Read more »

8 Ways to say I love you to a Quilter

Wondering what to say to a quilter this Valentine’s day? You are in luck, I have your back. Here are 8 ways to say I love you to a quilter this Valentine’s day. Or print all of them off, your choice! Don’t forget to combine this with thread! That’s love for sure! We should all... Read more »

What to do with leftover Plus blocks

I have a pretty cool problem right now up in my sewing room. I am wondering what to do with leftover plus blocks. Cub plus blocks to be precise. I may have overdone it while working on the Cubs quilt. I looked at all of those leftover blocks and divided them into two piles. Each... Read more »

DIY How to sew your own Valentines tutorial

For Christmas I received a simple and elegant Christmas card. It was a tree sewn onto card stock. I was very inspired by this holiday greeting. I decided I would follow her beautiful lead on Valentine’s day. I just made 3 of them in about a half an hour so I am ready to share.... Read more »

9 Super Bowl Quilt Ads

A new super bowl tradition is born.
I don’t have a team to cheer for in the Super Bowl. However, I will watch it anyway. Why? For the commercials which are often pretty darn fun. I hear they are also very pricey so only mega businesses can afford to air ads. This leaves most quilt businesses out of the Super Bowl. Until... Read more »

Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine lifted me up

It’s kind of dreary here in Chicagoland, the skies are grey. I’ve been really trying to keep a positive balance in my thoughts and mood. I find that sewing helps my mood as do my grandchildren. And yes, coffee is a big help as well. If you know me at all you know that I... Read more »