DIY How to sew your own Valentines tutorial

For Christmas I received a simple and elegant Christmas card. It was a tree sewn onto card stock. I was very inspired by this holiday greeting. I decided I would follow her beautiful lead on Valentine's day. I just made 3 of them in about a half an hour so I am ready to share. Here is how to sew your own Valentines.


I have four project boxes full of heart fabrics. Why so much? I like this holiday so I have made quilts, aprons and table runners to celebrate it.

I have my fabrics divided by color valuations. I cut the hearts out from scraps in each box. I tried not to use the big pieces or lengths of fabric.2017-02-05-001

I also ordered Kraft paper and a rainbow variety of colored paper card stock. I decided to use just the Kraft paper. I spread out all the hearts that I cut out by hand while watching TV.


I decided to start with one red heart. The fabric is over 30 years old so I decided to make it a bit stiffer. I used spray on starch and ironed it.

I liked it nice and stiff. I also did not want it sliding around on the card stock. I decided I needed something to make it a bit sticky.

I have a collection of wrappers and instructions just for this purpose. 2017-02-05-003When I use some batting, I save the insert. If I misprint something, I save it in this same pile.

I ripped off a piece and put the heart right side down on that scrap. I sprayed it with 505. I placed it on the card front immediately.

After I used the scraps of paper twice, I did throw them out. But at least I did not use a fresh piece of paper only to throw it out almost immediately. Zara colors and creates crafts on this kind of paper as well.

2017-02-05-004I changed the top thread to red as well as the bobbin thread. Luckily I had a bobbin full of red, in fact I had two. I also put on my zig zag foot.2017-02-05-005

For my inaugural try I decided to use zig zag stitch on one heart. It was surprisingly easy. When I finished going all the way around, I ironed the whole thing. Perfect!

2017-02-05-008For my next effort I got all crazy and went with two hearts. I put both of them on the card at the same time and did not stitch under the top heart. It looks just fine on the back side.2017-02-05-009

My third card was, you guessed it, 3 hearts! I had cut all the hearts out free hand so none were the same size. I trimmed all of these hearts to the size of the smallest one.

All of the cards sewed up quickly and easily. I ironed the paper to get 2017-02-05-010a good fold when I was all done. It was so much easier and quicker than I had anticipated and I will recycle the needle when I am done, it is getting dull.

I paid about $8.00 for the 40 blank cards and envelopes. The fabrics were scraps, I already owned them all. I know I originally paid for them all but to me, it felt free.

Time is about 10 minutes of sewing and pressing. I didn't count the cutting heart time as I cut them all in about 15 minutes while watching TV. Unless you mail it that's about 20 cents per Valentine and ten minutes!

Now I just have to keep myself making simple designs and nothing elaborate. Remember that old principle - KISS? Keep It Simple Stupid?

KISS KISS to me!

Sew happy!

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