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DIY How to make a fun and fast bandanna table runner

10 years ago or so I saw a magazine article which described how to use bandannas in your kitchen. I remember looking at napkins, napkin rings, table runners and tablecloths. I was very enthused and sought out inexpensive bandannas. I found them on a clearance sale at a grocery store and bought them all. I... Read more »

Step 1 of designing a Cubs quilt

I don’t know if you heard but the Cubs won the World Series in November of 2016. My husband is a huge fan and had been waiting for this moment all his life. I started collecting fabric during the season but didn’t even wash it until after the last out. Now I am free to... Read more »

Book review of Quilt with Tula and Angela

I have a serious quilter crush on both Tula Pink and Angela Walters. I was lucky enough to see both of them in person and I would like to be friends with both of them.I am sure they feel the same way but just haven’t had time to arrange a lunch or coffee. Since we... Read more »

8 quick reviews of new movies of January 2017

This was my favorite of the 8, such an eye opening and inspirational movie. The acting was great, the story important and nothing offensive.
As you know, we watch our darling grandchildren 3 days a week. Once they leave, we smile, pick up the place and are pretty darn tired. Add to that other activities and events and somehow we didn’t get to see many movies this year. When our daughter went on her 2 week winter school break,... Read more »

Themes in Hamilton reminded me of politics today in the quilting world

My husband and I saw the musical Hamilton and we adored it. I was savoring every single minute, even the walk in the cold from parking the car. I have never seen a play where the audience was as excited as today’s, the energy even before the action began was palpable. As I watched and... Read more »

Images of sewing in the Art Institute of Chicago

We are lucky to live near the city of Chicago with its magnificent Art Institute. I learned to love it in my teens and it’s been a constant in my life since then. When I taught French we did a unit on Impressionism and culminated it with a trip to see the originals. I would bring... Read more »

Working with a 4 year old on sewing and yes, I am crazy

Both of my girls were exposed to sewing, took sewing classes and did limited sewing in my sewing room. Neither of them really got bit by the sewing bug and a large part of the blame is mine. I was teaching full time, raising them and usually working some side job. When I had time... Read more »

12 Sewing and quilting goals for 2017

First goal is to conquer iTunes and the iPod. I have waited too long. I have already started on this! I hear music in my future.
I can get all dreamy eyed and fritter away time without even realizing it. I don’t like the feeling of not accomplishing anything, I want to take at least a baby step every day. Unless it’s a holiday, I’m sick or away on a trip, I like to be moving towards a goal. And yes,... Read more »
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