How to organize A Wrinkle in Time Book Club

It's impossible to read all the fabulous books in this world but you can try! My Classics book club and I are attempting to go back and read classics that we missed in school or would enjoy rereading. It's great fun and if you would like to have your own book club, I am here to help you. I publish a similar post about 4 times a year and this one is how to organize A Wrinkle in Time Book Club.


The most important decision of any book club is choosing a book. We choose 6 books, or two years worth, at a time. Make sure everyone knows the date you will be meeting and where.

We also do not want to discourage people from not attending if they do not complete the book. However, we have a delicious punishment policy. If you do not finish, you have to bring some chocolate for everyone to share. 2017-01-14-002

This time, no one brought chocolate! We always meet at my home for this book club and I always try to sew something to match the book. Then on the day of the club, I try to have a menu that matches the book and other people can bring items.

This time I decided to finally sew a bandanna table runner. You can read how I did it here. I chose this project because of Mrs. Whatsit wearing scarves, bandannas, etc.

I also set the table with bandannas for the napkins and the place mats. I used my every day china as Meg's family was very down to earth; her mother's lab coat inspired the white tablecloth. The only other addition to the table was flowers, because of their wrt-re-1garden.

In the very first chapter the whole family ends up in the kitchen in the middle of the night. First they are just partaking of hot cocoa so I made that as our principle beverage. Then they go on to sandwiches. wrt-re-4

The menu for the book club is set right there! We had jam sandwiches but I added peanut butter. We also had liverwurst sandwiches with cucumber slices, liverwurst, cream cheese and chives on mini rye bread. They were yummy and I got the idea here!

They also talk about tuna sandwiches which I made as well. In addition there are as  tomato sandwiches and lettuce to which I added cheese. The cheese also went along with the chili I made.

Later on in the book they have a turkey meal of sorts so I made turkey chili with onions, shredded cheese and oyster crackers for garnish. I took the picture before I put the tuna fish out, darn it. I had mini rolls so people could have a variety of tastes.

wrt-re-8We ate and then had fabulous desserts not from the book. We had scones, fruit salad, two kinds of homemade cookies and pineapple upside down cake. We talked about the book, answered discussion questions and drank cocoa, coffee and water as we gobbled up the sweets.

It was a great time and we all loved the strong female protagonist and the scientist mother. We could relate so much of it to today in the fight of good and evil. It really brought about a lively discussion.

The only bad thing was the threat of bad weather kept two people from coming. This did however, lead to more leftovers.

Cliff can't wait to polish off the liverwurst!

Sew happy!

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