DIY How to make a fun and fast bandanna table runner

10 years ago or so I saw a magazine article which described how to use bandannas in your kitchen. I remember looking at napkins, napkin rings, table runners and tablecloths. I was very enthused and sought out inexpensive bandannas. I found them on a clearance sale at a grocery store and bought them all. I put them in a project box and there they sat for years. I broke them out and used them as napkins once.

This weekend I have a bookclub meeting here and I am on a spending hiatus until February 1st. I like to make something new when my group comes over and I was thrilled to remember those bandannas. I spent a couple of hours sewing and I am going to share with you how to make a fun and fast bandanna table runner.


The very first thing I did was to select which ones I wanted to use, in which order and how big. I also decided that I only wanted half of each bandanna to show and I wanted it to be reversible. I chose 8 but you might only need 6. I have a very long table so I wanted a finished runner of about 73 inches long and 15 or so inches wide.

I decided I had to eliminate some width so I sewed each pair together where the design began.ban-re-5 The two inch borders all around the bandanna did not make it to the finished product.

After I sewed a pair together, I pressed the seam open. The seam is huge but I didn't trim it, why not have a bit more fabric? I sewed each pair to the one below it again where the design began.

If you want you could show the borders. I did what I did to make it a bit thinner. In about 30 minutes, I had all the bandannas sewn together.


I put them up on Zara's design wall, don't tell her but mine has the Cubs quilt on it. I noticed that one set of bandannas was smaller than the others. No problem, I trimmed them all to the same width.ban-re-9

I then cut a piece of iron on batting that was 72 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. I ironed this piece of batting smack dab in the middle of the table runner. I started it after the border.

I then sewed the bandannas right sides together. This created a sort of tube with batting in the middle. Both ends were free.

I pressed this seam together which solidified the batting seal. I ironed all around before I moved on. ban-re-10

I turned the tube inside out. I had my half bandanna look that I wanted. I pressed the ends inside the tube on each end.


I used a decorative stitch to sew each end closed which added to the overall design of the runner. Then I selected a wavy stitch, made it as big as I could and I "quilted" 6 wavy lines. There were two in the middle on either side of the seam, one on each side and one in-between.

I could have quilted more but this is for a casual lunch.ban-re-12 I wanted to have enough quilting to keep everything together. I also wanted to make sure that the batting would stay put.

I am really happy with the finished product. I am also happy that I have a bunch of bandannas left for when I set the table. I will write a post about the book club meeting so you will know how it all looked.

Just know that I am not going to wear any of the bandannas myself!

Sew happy!

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I published a post on table settings and in that photo gallery is a shot of these bandannas with no sewing. Click here to view it.

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