Cubs Quilt Top is finished

I was on a sewing tear tonight. I had been inefficient in the afternoon and resolved to get going! After dinner I went up to the sewing loft and just kept sewing and sewing. My husband was watching a program that I liked listening to so I just kept going until a bit after midnight.

cub-top-re-1At that point I celebrated because the entire Cubs Quilt Top is finished. Yes, you read that right. I managed to make a decision about which blocks would go where and sew it all together.

I made tons of the striped blocks, the star blocks and the red/blue blocks because I didn't know where I wanted them to go. I knew I wanted the last Cubs fabric row a row away from the previous Cubs fabric. Otherwise, I kept switching it all around.

Last time I updated my progress I think my plan was to have the red/blue blocks in the middle. They just kept getting moved down and moved down. I like where they ended up. cub-top-re-2

Tonight's goal was to get all these blocks to fit in where I had them. I had to add some red to a few t-shirt blocks and even blue on one. I was lucky I had tons of yardage of nearly every fabric.

When I thought it was all done I pressed the last seam. I noticed that cub-top-re-3somehow I had barely caught the fabric in one spot. I had to sit back down and fix that so it wouldn't rip down the road.

Here is the top all cut, sewn and pressed. It is smaller than my original concept but more than generous enough for Cliff to keep warm under. It's taller than him, I know because he had to stretch his arms way up!

He loves it and I do too. Next up, the back which is not my favorite part. I have lots of leftover blocks and fabric, I'll have to see how I want to make the back.

Or do I want to try to squeeze out some child sized Cubs quilts?

Sew happy!

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I published a part one and two on this quilt, check them out.

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