DIY How to make a Tea Bag Wallet tutorial

I love coffee and I love tea. But I am a bit picky about my tea. I like the water boiling hot and I just don't like herbal teas. I have found that it is best to just bring my own tea bags sometimes. What do I bring them in? Well, I am not only going to show you I am going to show you how to make a tea bag wallet.


  • 2 pieces of fabric 10.5" x 15"
  • Scrap for two half circles and scrap of interfacing
  • Snap and applicator
  • Thread, sewing machine, pins, scissors

A couple of years ago I made six of them. But I couldn't find the directions! So luckily I had one and was able to reverse engineer the pattern which made me feel very clever.


Cut the two pieces of fabric and two half circles. Use a glass with a diameter of 4" to 3.75". Trace half of it, extend the circle a bit and cut 2016-12-05-003two plus two of interfacing. The tab's straight edge should measure 1/3 of the fabric.

Iron interfacing to one wrong side of each tab. Sew right sides together. Clip seam all around the curve, it really does help. Your home ec teacher knew her stuff.

Turn both inside out. Press and put to the side briefly. Don't lose them!


Pin both pieces of fabric right sides together. Pin all around. Pin one finished tab in the middle of each short side. 2016-12-05-005

Measure so that both tabs are exactly in the middle of their respective sides. Have the tab facing into the finished right side.

Stitch all the way around leaving a gap. Make sure the tabs are on the inside, pointing towards each other. Clip corners and turn right side 2016-12-05-006out.

Your tabs should be on each side at the exact same spot. I used a ruler!

2016-12-05-007 Press the whole piece. Use clips or pins to keep gap closed.

Now you will stitch all 2016-12-05-008the way around the piece. Some of it is really just topstiching but one section is actually closing up the gap.

You are also reinforcing the tabs. At this point it doesn't look like a wallet but you are actually two seams away from being finished. 2016-12-05-009

Fold both short sides into the middle so that they just touch. Press that line well. Press it again. Once more for good measure.

Open up each side. Fold back half of the folded piece. Each one will be folded back so that the edge lines up with the pressed line. 2016-12-05-010

I put four clips to keep the folds in place and make it easy to see. You are going to sew across so that the2016-12-05-012 folds are sewn in place at the top. I switched to pins for this step.

The piece of fabric should now be folded in thirds and each fold line pressed very well. The tabs are the middle third and the sections above and 2016-12-05-013below are the remaining thirds. Fold each in and press so you can see a definite line.

Pin along the press lines. You are going to sew a rectangle which sews along both of those lines and just on the other side of the tab. 2016-12-05-015Sew the entire rectangle.

Once you put a snap on each side of the tab, you are finished. My husband does my snaps and here is a post on it. You can put some tea bags in here before you give it as a gift or keep it.


You can fill it with six different kinds of tea or a mixture of tea and sweetner packets. You could make it with two different coordinating fabrics. It's just two pieces of fabric, two tabs and some folds stitched 2016-12-05-018

Fold it back up along the lines you originally sewed on. I chose tea fabric but any kind of cotton fabric would do. People will love it.


Whenever I give one, I have it folded up and snapped. I have tea bags in it. No one knows what it is!

I tell them to unsnap it and take a look. Once they see the tea bags they get it. I would include at least two tea bags.

I don't think you need to include a mug. People have lots of mugs. They are just waiting for tea wallets.

Now all day can be tea time. Cheerio!

Sew happy!

POST PUBLISHING NOTE - After I published this post I received an email from the owner of Thistle Down Cozies. Unbeknownst to me, she developed a near identical pattern to this one for portable tea wallets a decade ago. She sells them in tea rooms across the country and has a very cool selection of them. She feels my wallets are a copy of a copy and they very well may be. At any rate, I am not here to cause hardship for anyone. Including you, my readers. Instead of fussing with this tutorial you may well want to purchase one of her delightful wallets. Check out her inventory!

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I published a tutorial on creating a small drawstring bag. This would be a cute way to "wrap" it!

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