12 Clever and Easy Gifts to make for the Holidays

During the holidays it is always meaningful to get a gift that has been made for you. Handmade gifts mean a lot to me and the very best people on earth love them also. I have gone through some posts I have published in the last two years and gathered all the links in one place. That way if you need some ideas for easy gifts to make for the holidays, they will be right here.

funky-tea-cup1. If you don't know exactly what a person needs an ornament for the tree is always a good hostess gift. If you are really crazy about this person, it could be a decoration on a package. This post even includes a pdf pattern you can download. Click and marvel at the funky tea cup ornament.

2. If you're liking the idea of an ornament but not sold on the idea of a tea cup,mini-quilt-ornament I have another post for you. In this tutorial you will see how to make a cunning little quilt just perfect for the tree. You can even change the dimensions if you want. Check it out! 

stocking3. If the idea of something Christmasy appeals to you but you want a larger gift, how about a stocking? Over my lifetime I have made lots of them. They sew up fairly quickly and people love them. There are even places where people gather to sew and donate stockings.

What I like about this tutorial is that the stocking is clean and simple but not primitive. It's also not too fancy. It strikes the balance. You decide!pan-holder-re-8-300x290

4. Holidays aside, sometimes it is great to make a little something that is practical.Why not create a gift that can be used all year long? I made this handle holder for my husband and we immediately wanted more. These make a nice companion to a hot pad holder or kitchen towel.

I never needed them before I bought pans with metal handles. I have them now and love the pots as well as the pillow-3holder. See if you don't agree.

5. We all seem to have too many tee shirts and but maybe not enough for a quilt. I had a marvelous woman who wrote a guest post for me. She suggested a pillow, yes a pillow!

This way it is a nice gift, not the huge commitment of a tee-shirt quilt. Check out this tutorial. I think you'll love it.bag

6. Some small projects are perennially part of my sewing projects. I can't even count how many of these little bags I have made.

The one you see here I made and put a small bottle of nice wine in it. I made other sizes and filled them with cards I created with my photographs. They are a cute gift unto themselves or to hide a little cute something. Take a look!

fabric-folding-re-127. Combining a purchased book, say a book, and something you've sewn is the essence of this post. I bought books on and researched furoshiki. I made some fabric "wrapping paper" and I've gotten pretty good at it.

In this post you will see my initial efforts at this Japanese art. It's fascinating, good for the earth and lots of fun. See if you aren't hooked by reading this post. ob-re-8

8. How about a fancier than normal pillowcase? It is a good way to use up extra blocks by cutting and recombining them. You will be surprised how fabulous a previously rejected block can look.

Or you could create blocks for the fancy border on these pillowcases. Either way, the essential pillowcase can be 4th-re-7an elegant gift. I am thinking of making some myself. 

9. I love making fresh aprons and kitchen towel gifts. They are practical, they are fast and everyone always needs new kitchen linens. You will find yourself making a set for everyone you know.

This particular example is from the 4th of July but they can be for any holiday, any decorations. You can match the fabric used to the person's kitchen or hobby. I love these and I am glad to remind myself what a super gift they are. yoga-re-m-0

10. What about a yoga mat bag? I have made these for gifts many times. Most of the time, you want to make sure the recipient likes yoga!

This tutorial might seem overwhelming with 19 pictures but it's really not. You will have it done in about an hour. Yoga devotees will love it.

2016-12-05-01611. I recently published this post on a tea bag wallet. I already have one made and since I can't decide how to give it to, I will have to make more. I found more cool tea fabric!

This makes up in about an hour and are smashing gifts. For everyone who likes tea, this is a superb gift. Don't want to make it? I even have a link for where to buy one.bag-re-12

12. Maybe these ideas don't thrill you nor the ones in the link below. But you still want to make something! How about a fabric gift bag?

I have a post on how to make an actual gift bag. If you want other ideas on wrapping with fabric, check out this post. I love ways to avoid adding more paper to landfills!

Sew happy!

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I posted a similar post with ideas in 2014. Check them out as well.

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