The Biden Memes redone for Quilters

Humor is an integral part of our society. It lets us relax, process and deal with change. Right now we have a change in the White House and the peaceful transition of power for which our democracy is famous. This has resulted in a surge of Joe Biden memes on the internet. I hope you've seen them, they are very gentle humor.

Here is an example from Twitter:

Here is a link to more if you want to become a Biden meme expert.

All of these deal with the White House, a political institution. What if it were a huge quilting studio? And all the jokes were about sewing?

What if it wasn't the President and Vice President who were moving out but instead the Quilter-in-Chief and the Vice Quilter? Wouldn't that make for some funny memes? The Biden Memes redone for Quilters, hilarious?

Hey, you were supposed to answer yes. Work with with me here. I made up 8 of them.

Flip through them and see if some aren't at least a tiny bit funny. Then hit me with your best ideas. Humor is best when shared.

Sew happy!

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