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10 Creative New gift ideas for Quilters and Sewers

If you are looking for new gift ideas for Quilters and Sewers then you have come to the right blog post. Some gift recipients have been sewing and quilting for years, even decades. They have lots of tools, scissors, thread, etc.  They need creative new gift ideas for Quilters, cool stuff that they don’t already have.... Read more »

Veteran Tom Korn honors military men and women with his Ribbon Quilts

Tom Korn served in the military from 1968 to 1971 and was awarded two different ribbons. He was in a submarine off the coast of Vietnam and after the service, he worked as a contractor. Following his retirement, his seven sisters taught him how to quilt and use a longarm quilting machine. As most of... Read more »

How to start a Christmas Quilt

I’ve decided that two projects going on at the same time is the way to go. If it works out, I may even add in a third one. I can only make so many tooth fairy pillows at a time. I decided to make a Christmas quilt for Henry and make it up as I... Read more »

How to behave if the other candidate wins the election or sometimes quilts and life have unexpected results

Tonight is the election and some people will be happy with the results and others will not. This happens every four years. Sometimes the person for whom I voted wins and sometimes I am disappointed. I am sure you have had similar joy or sadness. I bet we have both managed to celebrate or get... Read more »

DIY How to make a tooth fairy pillow tutorial

My granddaughter is in preschool and in late September she was clutching a goodie bag when we picked her up. In the bag were stickers, pumpkin bubbles and small toy. This was to celebrate a little boy’s birthday, I think his name was Salamander or at least that’s what Z told us. Oh boy, we... Read more »

Celebrating the Cubs World Series Championship with 5 million fans

We drove into the city the night before and spent the night. The sight of the city all decorated was the beginning of the good times.
What’s it like celebrating the Cubs World Series Championship with 5 million fans? It was fabulous, it really was. Perfect weather, a party 108 years in the making and happiness on everyone’s face. What’s it really like? It’s enjoying the moment. It’s missing the parts they show on the news and just living in the... Read more »

12 Timely Facts about the history of MLB Baseball Uniforms and Sewing

I’ve been watching a lot of baseball, also listening to and shrieking along with the games. My reactions are somewhat different than my husband’s, he really watches the ball. I look at the players, wonder how they are feeling and muse about what they are wearing. You might be thinking, “Uniforms, they are wearing uniforms!”... Read more »

Best of QuiltCon at Quilt Expo 2016

I adore good signage and it was great at Quilt Expo.
I have only been to one QuiltCon and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am not a professional in the world of quilting so there is only so much time and so much money for attending shows. I feel pretty excited when I can attend a show which features quilts from a show I’ve missed. It’s like... Read more »