Have a good time on Thanksgiving or good stories

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which may or may not bring joy to your heart. I understand if it does not and I also comprehend if it does. I have had all kinds of different Thanksgiving experiences. My motto is that you either have a good time on Thanksgiving or good stories. Let's go over some of both of mine.

My Good stories - The trick to a good story is that you take a situation that wasn't so great to live but is fun to tell. Sometimes it can be fun also to live but those aren't the funny ones.

Good Story Number One - I was married once before and not only was my ex-husband the source of many stories, his family worked overtime on this as well. One year we were having Thanksgiving dinner at his parents' house which always involved lots of alcohol and a late meal. Already a great combination!

We were finally eating when the doorbell rang. Who comes to visit on Thanksgiving? My ex father in law went to answer the door and we could hear some interesting conversation.

Finally the police come into the house and said, "We had a report of someone being poisoned here?" police_knockNow my ex mother in law was no great cook and the meal was totally overdone but I didn't think it had reached the point of poison.

"It was me," shouted my ex brother in law. He came scrambling up from the basement, I didn't even realize he had left the table.  He pointed at the rest of us, "They are all trying to poison me."

I wanted to explain that I had not made anything yet eaten, my pies were still untouched, but with the general drama that ensued I kept my mouth shut. That meal ended abruptly and I was not part of the crowd that went to the police station.

I ended the night at my house. I was alone with two pies, a hot bath and a great book. Pretty good Thanksgiving when you think of it.

Good Story Number Two - The first Thanksgiving after my Mother died was a difficult one. A friend of mine was in a similar situation and we both decided we would have small meals at a restaurant.

We ended up at a German restaurant because in those days very few restaurants were open. From the moment we sat down, we knew it was a mistake.

9b6db1f0-f467-4421-910b-a31ebd999bcd_327_229The restaurant was nearly empty. The Oompah band just seemed odd. However, the sauerkraut wasn't that bad.

Before we could have pie, my daughter Emily fell asleep. I don't mean a cute fluttering of the lashes and her head on my shoulder. Nope, she just BAM fell asleep and her head smacked down into her plate.

Will you think I am a horrible person if I tell you this was my favorite part of the meal? I was seized with a bad case of the giggles. Plus, we got to leave.

I compared notes with my friend later on. They had trouble finding a restaurant and finally found one full of lights and action. They pulled their car into the parking lot and bound into the bustling dining room.

They thought it was a bit odd that it was cafeteria style but went through the line. It dawned on them that they had crashed a free dinner for people who had neither a place nor the means of securing a Thanksgiving meal for themselves.

My friend was dying, standing with a plate of food in her hands while the hosts scanned the room for a table for them. They tried to leave but the organizers would not hear of it nor would they let them pay. She cried when they got back to the car.

My restaurant experience didn't seem so bad and I tried not to laugh when she told me the story. We both ended up laughing until we cried.

See what I mean, good times or good stories?

My Good times - All of my holidays since I married my husband Cliff have been good times. But one is the most memorable.

We had a big crowd and a HUGE turkey. My husband carved it but there was still good meat on it. The fridge was still full of food but I didn't want that turkey turkey_carving_-04to go bad.

We made the fateful decision to wrap it in tin foil and stick in  on the deck. It was cold outside, the turkey would keep. We could eat peacefully and not worry.

I had a cooler out there but it was full of pie. We put the wrapped turkey on the table and left it and had a grand meal. Later on, I went back out to get the pies.

Odd, the foil was flapping. What? Then I thought I heard a growl so I jumped back through the sliding door.

I told everyone that something was going on. Everyone laughed until my sister went out to check. She bolted back in claiming to have seen ferocious creatures.

We ran around like crazy fools. We grabbed brooms, ran into the hallway to see the deck from that window. We screamed and yelled, it was fabulous.

raccoon1Turned out it was a HUGE raccoon. He looked pretty tough. We let him have the turkey and went back inside to eat the pie.

And every Thanksgiving we tell that story and add a few more details about teeth, claws and general scariness. A rarity - a good time and a good story!

May your day be either a good time or a good story. Or just make up a fascinating one!

If you are alone, treat yourself.  You know what, that bath, pie and book Thanksgiving was pretty darn great.

Sew happy!

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I published a fun quiz about lowering your expectations for your holiday. Take it and have a good laugh.

This movie always made me feel better about my own holidays.

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