Binge watching Gilmore Girls while sewing Tooth Fairy pillows

Thanksgiving weekend is one of eating, seeing family, eating leftovers and decorating for Christmas in our Family. This year however, I added a new wrinkle to the mixture. Years ago our whole family used to watch Gilmore Girls and Netflix dropped 4 new reunion episodes on Friday morning. Inbetween the leftovers and decorating I was binge watching Gilmore Girls while sewing Tooth Fairy pillows for birthday favors. When we finished that series we watched Christmas movies on Hallmark.

gilmore-girls-613404Needless to say, it was pretty much the best weekend ever. If I had to stay up handsewing, I like mindless TV to do it with. One night we were watching until 2 am. I loved it.

My husband and I are both night owls so this worked great for us. sewing-1However, I did miss yoga Monday morning as I slept in. But finishing these in time for Zara's school birthday party was worth it.

I have to admit that sewing was slower during the 6 hour Gilmore Girls marathon. I had finished only one prototype of the pillow previously. It was finished on the bottom with
machine stitching.

I did not like the way the machine stitching looked. It was awkward to sew and looked sloppy. I decided to leave the gap smaller and on the side.
sewing-2I cut up leftover batting into smaller pieces and shoved it inside. Then I hand stitched the opening closed. I liked the look of it when I had two done.

I set about closing the gap on 9 more. The prototype will be used only if there is some
kind of emergency.

I started the night with 6 more to finish. My husband really pitched in and made dinner. sewing-4By ten thirty I only had two more to go.

I needed something to help me make it through to the end. I made real hot chocolate with whole milk. I whisked it some cinnamon and used my Mexican molinillo to froth it. I topped it with whipped cream and cinnamon.

sewing-3It hit the spot, it gave me the boost I needed. By golly, I breezed through those last two and spread them out to admire. I am super glad I finished.

I love looking at a completed project. Once I had my fill, I put them in a fancy bag to send over to my daughter. Thursday Zara will pass them out at school.

I am hoping they all make it there safely and that the kids like them. If they are lost on the way home, oh well. If Zara and Henry misplace theirs, it really doesn't matter.

I saved just enough fabric to make both of them a brand new one! Grandmas are sneaky and not critical like the one in Gilmore Girls.  She's rich but crabby.

Sure, she's got money but can she sew?

Sew happy!

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I have the step by step tutorial for the Tooth Fairy Pillow right here.

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