I am ashamed to admit I went to a quilt show and bought nothing

OK, true confession time. I am ashamed to admit I went to a quilt show and bought nothing. I can't believe it either. I will post later in the week about the show itself; right now I am trying to figure out if I have lost all my quilting cred.


When I first entered the show this was my view. Vendors, vendors everywhere - as far as the eye could see. I had cash with me and credit cards.

I also had my camera with me and I wanted to get pictures of the quilts while I still had fresh legs. In my younger days, heck, I did the March of Dimes walk of 20+ miles while pushing a stroller. Now, comfort shoes and a look out for benches after an hour.

I went to the left and fell in love with the quilts. I took all kinds of great pictures which I will share in at least 3 more posts. You're welcome!expo-re-2

After drooling and photographing and drooling some more I finished looking at all the quilts. I was very happy. I was on a bit of a quilt high.

I was now at the opposite end of the shopping. I used the restroom and walked through the booths and bought zero items. I only spent money on admission.

Why? Have I lost my edge? Have I gone over the edge? Let's examine my justifications.

I had many of the items. I had bought that "wonder"iron and had it poop out on me. I have a pair of those shoes and use them for slippers. That trembling pillow doesn't really do anything.

My sewing room is pretty darn full. I am giving away bags of fabrics and scraps to Z's preschool. I have projects lined up for years.

crI didn't allow myself to dawdle. I swept my glance over things and walked on. In fact my guild buddy, Catherine Redford, had to wave her hands to get my attention.

I was feeling frugal? Pfft, why now and never before?

I had just bought a ton of cool fabrics. This is true, I had gotten such fabulous swaths of gorgeous fabrics in Arizona and I ordered a box of Cub fabrics online.

I was planning on attending a second show. I was wondering if there would be vendors there I wasn't familiar with. Maybe I should wait to buy. ck

I was hungry. OK, now we are making some progress. It had taken over an hour to get to the show, I wanted to have time to eat and get to the second one.

I ended up calling my husband and he picked me up. We went to a favorite restaurant and had a relaxing meal that we thoroughly enjoyed. It was so late we decided it was Linner and had dessert even!

We were back in the car when I realized the show in Wheaton ended at 4:00, not 5:00. It was 3:25 and we were about a half an hour away. Oops!

So I came home with cash, untouched credit cards and no bags to haul up. Cliff was as shocked as I was. We didn't know what to make of it.


Maybe I was temporarily taken over by Aliens? Perhaps I was ill? I had had coffee, that's not it.

I feel I owe an apology to all the vendors. I was off my game, what can I say?

I promise it won't happen again.

Sew happy!

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I published a post a while ago about Quilter shame. It's worth a read again!

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