How to explain quilting to a baseball fan

My husband and I are both baseball fans only he is more than a fan. He is a FANatic. When I first met him we had baseball, among other things, in common. At the beginning, quilting was not something he understood nor did we have it in common. Over the 16 years of our marriage he has learned huge amounts about quilting. The man has never made one stitch but he has seen quilt shows, held up quilts, picked up things for me at quilt stores and is a huge quilt fan.

He knows lots more about quilting than most people and I try to remember how he learned it all. I find people really don't "get" quilting and I am constantly searching for ways to explain it. Because of the playoffs that are going on I had an idea. Here's my how to explain quilting to a baseball fan method.

1.First let's talk about a sewing studio. This would be like the practice field, locker and clubhouse all rolled into one. It's smaller but the equipment might well cost more.

images2. Next would probably be a quilt show. People have asked me, they have those? Yes, they do and they are just as much fun as a ball game in a park district location or a a major stadium.play_baseball-ct

3. Needles, thread and sewing machines are like the bat, ball and pitcher. The bat hits the ball, the needle sews the thread. But to get it where you can do that, you need the pitcher or the machine.

4. Quilt show judges are like umpires.  They work in teams but never get booed to their faces. Although people have complained about their judgement.

5. There is nothing in quilting like bench clearing melees. Quilters just don't roll that way. They can squabble but I've never seen a punch.

player6. Quilters use thimbles, cutting guards and coffee to protect themselves and enhance their performance. In baseball you have helmets, cups, shin guards and mouth guards. Plus there are some who are rumored to enhance with more than coffee. Quilting is not nearly as dangerous.

7. Sometimes a quilter pieces the quilt but has another person, a longarm quilter,  quilt it. This is similar to a pinch runner or the DH in the American league. It can take more than one person to get the job done.

8. In quilting there is the quilt sandwich. This is not a food sold at shows. It is the layer of the quilt top, batting and quilt back. It works together like the pitcher, catcher and batter. However, no part of a quilt is human.

9. In quilting there is a Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana. In baseball there is a Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. They both charge admission and sell souvenirs.

10. In quilting there is Best of Show, quite the exciting honor. It is like hitting a home run that wins the game. If the game is the last one of the World Series, that is Best of Show in Paducah, in my opinion.

11. In quilting you can win money at a show. The largest was 200,000 in an Indiana Art show won by Ann Loveless. This would be like a minor league contract. There is nothing in quilting like a major league contract.

cubs12. There are fans of quilting and fans of baseball. Some are both. I happen to know 4 fans of both and have their picture right here. Their love of quilts keeps them sewing and warm. Their love of baseball has taught them patience. Lots of patience.

Sew happy!

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