DIY How to make your own Shimmer Costume Step One

You've probably been wondering what ever happened to the Shimmer, of Shimmer and Shine fame, costume. I wrote about finding the patterns, etc. in this post. I was super early about gathering the supplies and then I let it marinate. It's the middle of October so I am working on it now. I am going to show you how to make your own Shimmer costume. This is Step one - the vest.


In my opinion the vest is the key to the Shimmer look. You can get purple pants and shirt elsewhere but not a vest. You pretty much have to make it.

If I didn't know how to sew, I would buy purple felt, cut it out and sew the shoulders and side seams. Glue on the decorations and you are done.


  • 1/2 yard purple fabric for vest and 1/2 yard thinner fabric for lining
  • 2.5 yards shiny braid
  • Thread to match, pins, scissors and sewing machine

But I do know how to sew so I got a vest pattern. Really, if you have any simple vest around your house, you could use it as a pattern. 2016-10-13-001You will cut out the back on the fold and two of the front from your main fabric.

2016-10-13-003Sew the shoulder seams and the side seams right sides together. Bam, it's done. Now you just need to make the lining.

Cut out the two pieces from the lining. Sew the shoulder seams and side seams. Press all the seams open.

You now have two vests, you place the right side of the lining on top of the vest. Pin it all around.2016-10-13-004

You will sew it all around every seam but the armholes, leave those be. Leave a gap in the back.

Using the gap, turn it inside out. Zig zag stitch the arm hole fabrics together on
2016-10-13-005the right side. Turn the edge in again and zig zap stitch again. It will show but it's a costume!

See the gap in the back? You need to close it up. You can hand sew it or 2016-10-13-006machine sew it like I did.

Now for the fun. Starting in the back, sew the shiny braid in one continuous loop. I used a number 4 stitch. It's like a zig zag but it stitches the shape.


I had to change needles as after a while my thread was breaking. Sewing all those sequins really creates havoc with the needle. Once I changed it, I was good to go again.

I used grey thread on top and purple thread on the bottom. It took the most time of the whole project and I have bunches of lights on my machine which really were reflected from the sequins!2016-10-13-009

You can see the stitching I used on the lining. You probably have a stitch like this on your machine and wondered when you would use it. Now! You get to use it today, hooray!


Here is the finished vest with a fuzzy outside and silky inside. This is the same fabric I am going to use for the blouse so it should glide well. Zara liked trying it on when I just had the outside done, she will flip for this.

Imagine how fun the finished costume will be! I better get back up to my sewing room.

Sew happy!

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