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One of the things I love about writing this blog is the feedback I get from people about my posts. Sometimes they just want to chat and other times they clue me into things I had not thought about. I wanted to share some of these contributions in this post which I shall call updates on earlier posts.

1. Recently I wrote a post on what a new Quilter needs. I received terrific feedback and all kinds of new thoughts. Two of my favorite suggestions were these:

  • New quilters should start their first project using a kit. It has all the fabric they need, no extra. If this is their first and only quilt, no leftovers. Isn't that a good idea?
  • New quilters need a really good set of reliable templates. I hadn't considered it but many new quilters do use templates and there is a huge span in the quality. Many of you know that I am quite the fan of Marti Michell templates and I am not the only one! Here's a post which loves them also. There's even a cool contest to enter.

lights re2. Two months ago I wrote about how much light was needed with a sewing machine. I was pretty happy with my small light and raved about it.

A thoughtful reader wrote me an email about LED lighting strips that were available on Amazon. I looked it up and ordered it. The lights arrived promptly and I put it on my sewing table and ignored them.

Until yesterday when I suddenly had the yen to install them. I did it all by myself and adore them!

My eyes adore them as well. I hope the pic does these lights justice.

3. About a month ago I wrote about post about having a thread caught in my quilt sandwich. I wiggled it out with a needle and got lots of supportive comments about this dilemma. Some offered other strategies.unnamed (1)

My favorite strategy was the reader who suggested a tiny crochet hook. I have a set of crochet hooks leftover from my early foray into crocheting. The shape did, indeed, seem ideal.

I went on Amazon and searched for tiny crochet hooks. By golly, there are teeny tiny crochet hooks. I ordered the cutest set, isn't it so darling?

You know what this means, right? Now that I have the perfect tool, I will never need it again. (Fingers crossed.)

4. Over two years ago I wrote about post about the benefits of quilting on your brain. Since then I have read other articles and posts which make the same point. I am always interested in this topic.

Recently, I got an email from Louiss Dixon with a link to an infographic about the health benefits of sewing. I decided, sure, I will share it with you. I thought it was pretty cool.

Health Benefits of Sewing
Health Benefits of Sewing by Terrys Fabric

That's all the updates I have for now. When I have more cool things I've learned from responses I will pass them along.

I love learning new things!

Sew happy!

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Did you miss my post with the fill in the blanks quilt advice game? Check it out!

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