Quilt top from the pulse quilt leftovers

Last month I finished and donated a Pulse quilt for those impacted by the horrific massacre which took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. When I was all done, I had some cool remaining blocks and fabrics. I was thrilled to be able to create a quilt top from the pulse quilt leftovers. Let's see how and why!

left over re 001

In June, I was lucky enough to visit the quilt show in Shipshewana, Indiana. After that excitement and a great meal, we went shopping.

I hope you've had a chance to visit Yoder's department store because it is a terrific experience. I spied a huge collection of American Made brand solids and bought 9 of them. I got a yard of each and more of the while.

I didn't know exactly what I was going to make but hey, solids are always good! Once home I started making hearts from them and discovered that when you cut off the lower corners,left over re 0 you had some substantially sized half square triangle blocks.

I am not famous for saving scraps but these were too good to throw away. I had 20 blocks like this as I added two solids from my stash. There were 10 different colors with white, two from each.

What to make? I would spread them out every so often. I even solicited advice.

Once I made the Orphan block pillowcases, I was emboldened and full of confidence. I thought, what the heck, I can make something out of these leftovers.

So I did. Really, it was just that fast. When you think you can, you certainly can!

left over re 1

Lickety split I made random two colored Flying Geese. Why not the same color? It never occurred to me!

left over re 2

I took the piece of pink I had leftover and put it on one side. The only other good sized chunk of fabric I had was purple. Sure, fine, why not!

I sewed all the triangles together, using my nifty numbered pins to keep them they way I had laid them out. Then I sewed the whole strip together. Lo and behold, it was longer than the two side pieces.

I wanted to use all of them so I measured the shortage. I did all kinds of fancy calculations in my head and cut two strips from other solids to make up that difference. I played a bit with them for placement.

left over re 3

Son of a gun.

The Flying geese were still longer. So much for math calculations. Or at least mine, there is a really good reason why I never taught math.

This time I eyeballed the shortage. I chose two more colors and eyeballed the width. I then put them up and played withleft over re 4 placement.

I sewed them both in and you know what? Everything was the exact same size now.  I was really lucky or have extraordinarily gifted eyeballs.

I sewed the purple side on, using pins so that the length would continue to match. I pressed that really well.

Onto the pink side. I again used pins and made sure it all lined up. I was pretty pleased when I had it all pressed.

left over re 5

It wasn't even midnight and I had finished a quilt top from the pulse quilt leftovers. I had my husband hold it up for pictures. He was pretty excited I had finished by eleven o'clock.

While he was holding it I had an idea. He had it in his hands exactly the way I had designed and sewed it. But maybe for the finished top, I wanted it longer rather than wider?

On a whim, I had him hold it in every possible configuration. He loves it when I make him do things like this.left over re 6 He lives for, no, try it this way!

I am really glad I had him turn it around until it struck my fancy. I like it longer rather than wider. I love the purple on top.

And I am downright giddy with such a bonus top made in a night! I plan to quilt it in straight line quilting. I am not sure what color yet.

We shall have to see what strikes my fancy anew!

Sew happy!

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I had a great time creating this quilt as well. It was fun and fast as well.

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