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Where did the slang of my youth go? 7 phrases I miss the most.

I am not sure we ever used it seriously but it was fun to mock. Want to hear it in action? Next page!
I accept that life changes and you change as well. I have embraced grey hair. I am dealing with aches and pains. But at times, when I speak, I wonder. Where did the slang of my youth go? When I was young, I had a gas when I had fun. People went ape when they... Read more »

How to repair a torn baby quilt

The quilts I make are made to used, loved, washed and drug around. I even stated as much when I created a baby quilt from pre-cuts in 2013. You can read the post about the final steps of the quilt right here.  I stand by those words even now when I was faced with how... Read more »

Art Quilt response to Marie Webster is the perfect companion exhibit

The entry of the exhibit was muted, peaceful and set the tone for the art work inside.
About a week ago, I posted a gallery of Marie Webster’s quilts on display in Indianapolis. I enjoyed the exhibit immensely and this pleasure was intensified in a gallery on the ground floor which I also toured. I felt the Art Quilt response to Marie Webster is the perfect companion exhibit. Look through these art... Read more »

I want to read and use adjectives besides awesome and amazing

The English language is extremely rich and diverse. It’s impossible to count them all but Webster’s estimates there are about 750,000 English words. Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is but I want to read and use adjectives besides awesome and amazing. I don’t have to run through the whole three quarter of... Read more »

Etsy came to the rescue for the upcoming Shimmer and Shine costume

I love my grandchildren and therefore, I love making them Halloween costumes. However, my approach to making costumes is a bit more simplistic than Zara’s costume concept is this year. Luckily Etsy came to the rescue for the upcoming Shimmer and Shine costume. Let me fill you in on the whole story! This year Zara... Read more »

10 Emotional stages of making a quilt

I try to make a quilt each month. I don’t always achieve that goal but it’s what I strive for. The process of making a quilt starts with inspiration and  fabric, goes through cutting, piecing, quilting and binding. On paper that is a fairly straightforward continuum. However, I think that in addition to the physical... Read more »

Orphan block guild challenge - Help!

I need some help with my upcoming orphan block guild challenge. I am not seeing the possibilities in the leftover blocks I received. I am a tiny bit uncomfortable calling them orphan blocks. So I may invent other nicknames as I go along. Should I abandon them and use my own. Accck! These are the... Read more »

DIY Halloween quilt top is finished - tutorial

One of my sewing goals for 2016 was to use the leftover Halloween blocks I had to create quilts for both of my grandchildren. This was also a 2015 goal when I first made the blocks but hey, they will be ready for this year’s celebration. How do I know? Because one Halloween quilt top... Read more »

What to expect when replacing your wooden deck

Take pictures of your old deck so you can enjoy the contrast when the project is over.
We live in a four unit condo building. We are on the second floor and have a twenty year old deck off the kitchen as does our neighbor. The people below us have a patio underneath our deck and we all decided it would be a good idea to not have our deck collapse on... Read more »

Marie Webster Exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art is spectacular

I love when a show is full of beautiful and useful signage. This one had it in spades.
Yesterday I talked about our first glorious day visiting Indianapolis. Did you lust after my fabric? I know! It’s fabulous. I just got done washing, drying and folding it all so I have really been able to savor it all. Now how about 3 posts on the second day, you ready? On Sunday we wanted... Read more »