Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild Show was a delight

I know I have written a lot of posts about our recent weekend in Indianapolis but how about one more? We originally went there because I saw an event on Facebook, a modern quilt show and the whole weekend resulted because of that. The Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild show was a delight, an absolute delight. I have never been to a show like it before.

Usually the modern quilts are part of a quilt show or are the entire huge quilt show, like QuiltCon. This show was very low key, homespun and neighborly friendly. You could tell that this was not a show which gave everyone ulcers.

I love it when Quilt guilds put on shows but I think, wow, this was a TON of work. And all the work is done by volunteers who donate huge amounts of hours. This show seemed much more chill and relaxed.

It was held in a park, at a pavilion. The quilts were by members and hung on a clothesline type arrangement along the sides of the shelter. There were people with chairs and picnics.

They had a darling Scavenger Hunt for kids, to find the quilt with the item mentioned. The children I observed seemed to be having a ball. And I did too!

I couldn't fit in all the quilts but know there were all kinds of winners! Enjoy the ones that caught my eye and my camera's lens.

Sew happy!

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I also published an overall post on Indianapolis, one on Marie Webster's quilts and one on Art Quilts in response to her quilts. What a quilty weekend of fun!

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