I wish I had seen the Beatles at Comisky Park

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza activity. We have an hour to write on a topic. Here is tonight's topic:

"Write about something in your life you'd like a second chance at"

I've been pretty lucky in my life, there aren't too many important events where I haven't had a do over. I am in my second marriage, hooray for second chances. I am taking care of my grandchildren 3 days a week, yes for savoring babies and toddlers.

BeatlesComiskey3I lived through some fun times and adventures. I have great memories of unique events. But boy oh boy, I wish I had seen the Beatles at Comisky Park in August of 1965.

The Beatles were famous by now, they had been to Chicago already in September of 1964 to the Amplitheater. Concerts in closed venues were limited in number of attendees. But when the Beatles played at Comisky they performed in two concerts in one day and 85,000 people attended.

The idea of me going on my own had never occurred to me. I was 12 years old, I didn't drive and I didn't work. I didn't know how to even get what I was sure would be an impossible ticket.

However, there was a camp in my town called Handy Camp. It was offered for handicapped youngsters and they were always in need of volunteers. In May or June of 1965 they announced that everyone who volunteered for the summer would c65tearn a ticket to the Beatles concert. Volunteer numbers skyrocketed.

I decided I would do this instead of swim team and summer school. I went the very first day and accompanied a young lady to the local swimming pool. I felt very inadequate and uncomfortable.

My camper was older than me, nonverbal and very limited in what she could do for herself. When I had to dress her in her swimsuit I felt ill prepared and awkward. Instead of trying to figure it out, I quit.

I am not proud that I only lasted one day. Knowing what I know now, I should have sought guidance and help. I should have shown more compassion and understanding.

Other girls I knew did just fine at Handy Camp. They worked there that summer and went on the buses to the concert. I pretended I didn't care.

af489b0e86891df0a66f7ca7e3d6d40dI did care and I would have liked to have gone. I could have been the girl screaming at the concert. However, I knew those other girls had earned their ticket and I had not.

Soon after that I decided I was a Monkees fan which was fun. My BFF at the time was also and her father got us tickets to a concert and he drove us. I enjoyed it.

But I had a feeling that the Beatles were a more important band and I was right. It would be pretty darn fun to have a story to tell about seeing the Beatles. Paul McCartney probably would have blown me a kiss.

I learned then that to have really significant experiences in life, you have to be willing to do the work. And I have to admit I have not missed too many other events that merely took some grit and hard work to achieve. (I did give up tickets to a Cubs game where the pitcher threw a no hitter but that's a story for another time.)

What the heck, I am old enough to pretend to have forgotten that I didn't go. Who can say otherwise if I claim that I did actually go and had a grand time.

I think, in fact, they pulled me up on stage to sing with them.

Here's a video from the concert for those of us who may or may not have been there.

Kathy sangFantasy memories make me Sew happy!

See my picture with the Beatles? I made my dress. Natch.

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