First modern Halloween quilt is finished

Last year I made some Halloween blocks and wanted to make two small quilts using them. I ran out of time and a goal for this year was to finish those quilts. Easy, right? I mean the blocks were done, I just had to sew them together.

But I obviously like to make my life more difficult because when I got the blocks out I got new ideas. (New ideas = way more work!) I've been working on this modern Halloween quilt and its companion most of the summer.

cropped, re markedI am thrilled to tell you it is finished. Hooray! I just finished the binding tonight at 10:30 pm. So early!

I am not sure you can see the quilting so I have a close up. I did 5 squiggly lines first going up and down and then side to side on the black border. It's hard to see. quilting

On the three rows of solid blocks I did large geometric quilting, mainly squares and rectangles. On the two rows of pieced or printed blocks, I did a large meander. I tried to make it look a bit like ghosts.

I used a bright orange Isacord thread I purchased at the Quilters Apothecary. I love the look of it, all shiny. But it creates havoc with my tension. I never did get it perfect. back re

On the back, I pieced two different Halloween fabrics. When you've had a quilt on hold for about 8 months, you end up with extra fabrics. You can see the meander quilting a bit better on this picture.

You are probably thinking "Great, you are all done now, right?" Well, not really! See the Z in the middle? I have two grandchildren.

henryThis one is for Zara, hence the Z. I have another top all made with an H.

Now I get to quilt it, as soon as I get one more back made. The two quilts are identical except for the Z and H. You can read here or here how I made them.

That's because I have the identical love for both of them!

Sew happy!

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