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How to slash and insert fabric tutorial in a photo gallery

I wanted to use this green dot and I had only scraps. No problem, I will create an H. I placed the black pieces where I wanted them.
I was so excited to learn how to slash and insert fabric that I had to do it again for H! Last time it was a Z. This way both grandkids will be able to quickly identify their personal Halloween quilt. I put all the pics in a photo gallery, some people really like this... Read more »

Visiting Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe

Yesterday I met a friend of mine, a good friend who used to be a colleague. When we worked together it was pretty easy to keep in touch. Now, we have to check schedules and make a point of meeting up. Even if we just have time for coffee, we always have a lot to... Read more »

DIY How to create a ruffled party skirt for toddlers

Henry has a first birthday coming up and we are pretty excited about it except for maybe Henry. I did some fun sewing for his birthday and if you missed it, it’s readily available here. His older sister, Zara, is completely in love with parties, especially birthday parties. She can hardly wait for hers but... Read more »

Winner Circle Quilts from Shipshewana 2016

Behind the cars, this is the sign that will let you know you are at the right place.
Nearly every quilt show has certain quilts which win prizes and are displayed in a special place. The Shipshewana show is similar in this regard. There are two huge rooms at the event center. The bigger of the two is the actual quilt show. Next door is the Hudson Car Museum which has quilts on... Read more »

I abhor designer clothing made from vintage quilts

I have a google alert for sewing and quilting articles. I peruse dozens of articles a day, some I post to my Facebook page and others I read and move on. Today I read this article about Emily Adams Bode’s new fashion collection and I saw red.  I abhor designer clothing made from vintage quilts,... Read more »

5 reasons why I love Facebook - an answer to 5 reasons why I hate Facebook

I blog as part of ChicagoNow, a community of bloggers/writers who get together every once in a while. We also read blogs that other bloggers post, seek advice on our Facebook page and support as well as disagree with each other. It’s pretty cool to have a community manager as well as cohorts in crime... Read more »

12 Scintillating Facts about Seersucker Fabric

I used to wear a lot of seersucker in the summer. I really liked it because it was cool, like linen, but it didn’t wrinkle like linen. One of my most edgy outfits I ever made was a pair of striped seersucker culottes and a blouse made from red and white tablecloth fabric. I loved... Read more »

Fun items to sew for a 1st birthday party

Being a grandmother allows you access to watching your grandchildren, lots of adventures and plenty of kisses and hugs. It also gives me first dibs on sewing for my Grandchildren. They are always growing and changing so there is no end to the sewing and quilting. Right now I am excited about fun items to... Read more »

Favorite quilts from the Shipshewana Quilt Festival 2016

I love house quilts and Jill Isakson's "Daddy was an Architect" spoke to me. Love the colors and her homage to her father.
I love going to quilt shows and drinking in all the quilts. The creativity inspires me and the workmanship astounds me. All the love in those fabrics and thread, all the work, it really is a pleasure to view. I also love sharing the quilts in my blog but the editing of all the pictures... Read more »

6 quilt texts you should never send

We’ve all put our foot in our mouth, yes? I can cringe remembering some very embarrassing remarks I’ve made over the years. The good thing is that I said them, I didn’t write them down. Written remarks live on forever whereas memories of what you said will fade over time. For those of us who... Read more »
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