Let's eat at the table

It's blogapalooza time again. Here is tonight's one hour challenge:

“Write about one or more of your food/eating preferences or habits that you or others may find unusual or quirky."

escargot-on-a-plateWhere to start? Quilters love food and I am no exception. I suppose my only difference is that I will eat snails but not lima beans. Meh, not that unusual.

I would have to admit that my habit that is most quirky is not what I will or will not eat but how I want to eat it. If you want to share a meal with me, pull up a chair and let's eat at the table.

Not only at the table but with plates, utensils, cloth napkins and real glasses. I love to have a handmade table runner plus place-mats or napkins I've sewn. My husband puts on ambient music every night during dinner.

This table does not have to be in my house. Oh no! I am more than willing to eat at a restaurant. Especially if you're paying.

And, sigh, this is not the end of my pickiness. Nope, I really like good table manners. I don't want to see in your mouth as you're chewing.

I don't want to see your elbows or two hands on the table either. And that messy napkin? Keep it in your lap, please!

I know, I come off like a fuddy duddy, picky pal of Miss Manners. Yeah, I'll own it. So in order to try to improve my cred I have made a little poem about my habits.


Let's eat at the table

It's time to eat

So take a seatrezht

Let's eat at the table

It's ready and able

And while you chew

close that mouth, too

Napkin in your lap

That's a good chap

Spoons, knives and forks

Are not just for dorks!

Let's eat and talk

rezcmtBefore we take a walk

The table is set

about the meal do not fret

I hear the ding dong

That didn't take long.

Food is here, hooray.

Oh, I prefer to pay.

Let's eat!

Fine, I will stick to sewing and quilting.

Sew happy!

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