Quilting and sewing articles in the news - the good, the bad and the ugly

I read every article I can find on quilts or sewing. Sometimes I click them open and close them right up. Some news services want me to register or pay and I decline. Other articles don't have pictures and really don't pique my interest. Other times there are quilting and sewing articles in the news that I just have to share. This post will deal with the good, the bad and the ugly.

First, the good.

Flag-pillow-and-block-tutorialThe 4th of July is approaching, as it does each year! The fun blog Cluck, Cluck Sew just posted a super bunch of flag ideas.

They all made me smile and I thought I would share the enjoyment.

More good

In this case, it is more than good, it is fabulous. A young man who is paralyzed just won a $7500.00 prize for his invention. He designed a sewing machine part that enabled him,kelvin-front-of-sewing-machine--1465308297 and others, to use a sewing machine without pressing on the foot pedal.

He plans to use the money to start a company making adapted clothing for fellow wheelchair inhabitants. He has already figured out, with the help of his school, better zippers or other closures. And he wants the clothing to be stylish.

Fashion is important to Kelvin and he knows it is to others. Not dressing in a trendy way is part of the isolation he felt after he was shot. He wants to help himself, and many others, feel more part of our style conscious society.

 Now the bad

57573293e1377.imageI never thought I would have a negative reaction to a quilting article but never is a long time. Obviously, many people feel differently but this article describes donated quilts. Normally I applaud donated quilts and want to give kudos to the generous quilters. Quilts are donated to children, medical patients, refugees, soldiers and Veterans.

Those stories bring tears to my eyes. This one made my mouth drop open. The Camano Island quilters donated quilts to be stretched into frames and nailed to the ceiling of meeting hall at their local fairgrounds.

This room is used for the soapbox derby banquet every year and it gets really loud. Instead of sound baffles, they decided to use quilts. And their local guild donated twelve.

I guess some quilters had some quilts they really didn't like and will never get back. And they are obviously free to do whatever they want with their quilts. They are very generous quilters whose act, in my opinion, is diminishing quilts.

I work really hard at spreading quilt love and appreciation. I cheer for quilters whose works are valued and sell for high amounts. Using quilts instead of sound baffles goes contrary to my personal beliefs and efforts. To each his own!

And finally, the ugly

I am having trouble even imagining that what is described in this article is real. There are children whose parents have fled the conflict in Syria to find refuge in Turkey. 3458489C00000578-3597143-image-a-11_1463656883013Before the war, 99% of Syrian children attended elementary school but that is no longer true.

In Turkey, kids don't know the local language and their families have given up everything to flee from ISIS. The youngsters end up working in factories, sewing. And many times they end up sewing uniforms.

They work 12 hours a day to make money for their impoverished families. And who buys many of the uniforms? ISIS, the very forces that forced them to leave Syria and live this life.

And now for some beauty

girl-at-sewing-machineHow about if we end with some beauty? Here in Chicago we love Edward Hopper because his iconic painting, Nighthawks, is displayed in our Art Institute.

But his talent also extended to painting sewing machine, specifically Girl at Sewing Machine. Art has always soothed me and I need some after that other article.

Need more soothing? Check out this website devoted to him.
Sew happy!

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