The Road Less Traveled in my life

It is blogapalooza time again and here is tonight's challenge:

“Write about a time you followed the road less traveled and it made all the difference.”

In many ways, I think many of my life's decisions and have been the road less traveled. I was a nerd in High School, I studied and didn't party much in college, I made my own clothes and I lived a year in Europe. I didn't have many friends who were doing those things. Other choices were more the norm such as marrying the guy I was dating in college, becoming a teacher and having a child as soon as I had tenure.

My profession, that of a teacher, was very much how I defined myself. I fit in with teachers, I was married to a teacher, my friends were teachers and I was very similar to them. Many of the teachers with whom I taught stayed in one district for their entire career, married to the same spouse and a lot were like my parents, lived in the same

After a bad day at work I was thinking about why I was unhappy and as I drove down my street I said out loud, I need a new job. I saw some neighbors doing some goofy things and added with a sigh, and a new house. I drove up in my driveway and saw my then husband hiding the evidence of his bad habits and shouted, and a new husband.

Two years later, all those changes had occurred. I couldn't believe it either. I am so very glad I took those roads less traveled for what my expectation of my life would be as I am so darn happy.

But here's the thing about change, it's really tiring! I did the job change first and I think that success led to the other changes.

I taught 3 years at my first school and by 1994, I had taught 16 years at my second. I had already given up tenure once and taught at two schools, one more than nearly anyone I knew.

I needed to shake up my life so I changed from High School French to Jr. High Spanish. No one could believe I was doing it, least of all my spouse. Some people were happy I was proving you weren't trapped at the job you had. Others were threatened.

The first year was quite the challenge, the new district was ahead of my old one in technology. I had to scramble to catch up. Politics, strategies and games were a much bigger part of the new gig, I had to adjust.

moving-truckBy March of the second year, it was pretty obvious my marriage had moved from bad to worse. It was really hard to accept that failure but by the end of June, we pulled the plug and I filed. Our divorce was final October 1st.

My new district had built a new school and I opened that building with a great staff while all this was going on. I moved every professional belonging I had for the second time and sold my house in mid October.

I then moved everything my girls and I owned into a new condo on December 21st. I had held every item I owned in my hands and evaluated if I wanted to keep it. Most of it didn't make the cut.

I was now a divorced teacher which I found to be shocking. I was a single mom, the most vilified group in America. I lived in a brand new condo, in a new town and with a new name.

Yep, I had gone back to my maiden name. I used to joke that the only things that remained the same about me were my social security number, first name and gender.drill

I proved to myself that some teachers do change schools and even get divorced and it was OKAY. I learned that you could change towns and make new friends. I even learned how to use a drill and had my own toolbox.

It was really hard and very challenging. I barely slept, I had lunch duty, bus duty and an extra class to make ends meet.

loveAnd I was really happy, fulfilled and felt so proud of myself. Heck, I even lost weight. Four years later, I met my current husband, the love of my life.

I am thrilled that I took that road less traveled and put in all that hard work, penny pinching and risk taking. I sewed the curtains, learned how to hang pictures and installed an organizer in my kitchen cabinet.

I made new friends, traveled new places and learned about myself and love. I faced my fears, cried and conquered them. Now, I really am living happily ever after.

Just don't tell anyone that I drilled the holes for the kitchen organizer crooked. It'll be our little secret.

Change is really tiring but ultimately it will made me Sew happy!

It helps to have a theme song. This was mine.


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