Some favorite quilts from Quilt Week in Paducah 2016

The very first thing I did at Quilt Week was to look at all the quilts. I know the shopping is super fun but the quilts are why we all come, yes? I snapped pictures and drank them all in. They really recharged my professional batteries and inspired me.

I wanted to share with you some favorite quilts from Quilt Week in Paducah 2016. They are not in any particular order except that I saved Best in Show for last!

Some of the pictures I took, others are screen shots from the CD I bought of all the quilts. I just look through them all for fun every day lately.

You may like some of the quilts and not others but every quilt I saw was masterfully executed. The workmanship was astounding. That impressed me but I don't aspire to that level.

I love seeing perfect stitching but the creativity is what I want to emulate. That fires up my brain and some of these are what helped.  I hope you enjoy seeing these quilts.

Don't you love seeing quilts at shows?

They make Sew happy!

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