People and Shopping at Quilt Week Paducah 2016

I think I mentioned a couple of thousand times that I was going to Quilt week, for the very first time. I love everything about quilt shows and obviously the quilts are the main reason to go. And I will publish a post of some of the magnificent quilts I saw. But first I want to tell you about the fun! And by fun I mean the people and shopping at Quilt Week Paducah 2016. Don't worry this is just the first of several posts I want to share with you about this terrific experience.

people re 8

My darling husband drove me to Paducah after my bus trip was canceled. Isn't he the best? We were not able to get hotel rooms in Paducah, bummer.

So we stayed in Metropolis at the Casino. The hotel was about 11 miles from Paducah and expensive. Otherwise it was fine.

What else is in the town of Metropolis? Why, there is Superman stuff which is fun. We enjoyed seeing it and taking goofy pictures. people re 6

I wouldn't recommend you stay here, it's more expensive and farther away. But it's better than sleeping on the street! It was clean, modern and if you like gambling, it would be ideal.

When the bus trip was canceled, I knew I would be on my own at the show. The plus is that you meet and talk to all kinds of people, I actually had incredible conversations with quilters from all over. And everyone was more than willing to take pictures; here is a picture strangers took of me.

Yes, I was pretty happy and excited to be there. The first morning I saw every quilt in the convention center and yes, my feet were hurting!

Then I had the most marvelous experience. When I wrote my post saying that I was going to Paducah, I ended it with a query, Anyone want to meet for lunch?

people re 2Lucky for me, a terrific person messaged me and said yes! Isn't that great? Who was she?

Here she is, Laura from the Visitors Bureau in Paducah. This lovely woman took me to lunch at Max's Brick Oven for a delicious meal and friendly conversation.

She recommended a fabulous restaurant for our dinner (The Freight House) and told me the history of the Quilt show in Paducah. This woman knows her stuff and loves her city.

She was very enthused about Paducah being named a UNESCO creative city. I had only learned about this cool designation when I was in Havana. Don't you just love the sound of it, a Creative City?people re 1

Speaking of creative, I also got to see one of my favorite Quilters, Marti Michell. The first time I tried to chat with her, the booth was overflowing with people so I went back. She is the nicest person I know in the quilting business!

Her newest star template was all sold out, that shows how popular she is. She gifted me all 3 of her log cabin rulers, WOW! They are perfect as I have a yen to make a log cabin from the blue and white fabric I got in Williamsburg. I can't wait to sign up for her Crafty class and figure out the best way to use them.

people re 3I did some more shopping from the vendors. I did not have a second person volunteer to meet me for lunch on Friday. This is the only part I don't like about going to a show by myself, eating alone.

This time I went outside to the food booths in search of the famous Strawberry Short Cake. A twilter friend had told me about it and had even reminded me. I got a sandwich and the tasty treat and started looking for a place to eat.

A friendly woman came up to me and said, "Are you Kathy?" which when I heard it, I hoped I wasn't in trouble! It turned out to be a fabulous reader who recognized me. And get this, she was there from AUSTRALIA!

Can you believe it? 5 possible days to attend, 35,000 attendees and she spots me. Where? Getting the strawberry shortcake and seriously, where else would you look?people re 4

I got to sit with her and her Quilter buddies. We had just the best time, what a gracious group of women. I loved it, just loved it.

I think I go to quilt shows to see quilts but maybe it's for the fun of seeing fellow quilters. And, of course, the shopping. I had gone to Hancocks of Paducah the first night.

The place was hopping! And I bought fabric like a crazed fool. I was throwing bolts in my shopping cart. It was fabulous.

I got a pretty darn good haul when all was said and done. This trip was my combination Mother's Day/Birthday present and it was quite a gift!

people shopping re 10

When we got home, I played with all my goodies. I organized them, petted them and savored every purchase.

Here are all my lovelies in all their glory. I even put little labels on them so you could see what a lucky quilter I am.

Now I will never need to buy any fabric or gadgets ever again, right?

Sew happy!

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I adore getting trips for my presents. You can read about my Christmas present trip to NYC here.

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