Wipe off High Chair cushion tutorial

My daughter has an heirloom high chair that she and her husband ordered from the Amish Furniture Store. It's gorgeous and all wood, very similar to the one I inherited from my mother. We prefer them to plastic high chairs but as babies start out small, they need padding. I made one for both of our houses when Zara was a baby. She really loved experimenting with her food. We decided that Henry needed a fresh cushion and I had some new and improved ideas for a wipe off high chair cushion. Materials:

  • 1 to 1.5 yards of laminated cotton, depending on width
  • Foam cut to fit high chair or inexpensive cushion you cover (I bought mine on Amazon.)
  • 7 yards of plastic bias tape (I bought mine on Ebay.)
  • Thread
  • Clover clips
  • Sewing machine with sharp needle
  • Rolling presser foot (or Teflon)
  • Scissors, marker

high chair collage 1 reSteps One and Two

Trace the bottom cushion on the wrong side of the laminated cotton. Include an extra inch. Cut out. Do the same thing with the top cushion.  high chair Collage 2 re

Do not use oil cloth anywhere near where a baby will be eating due to chemicals.

Steps Three and Four

Cut 12 strips of the waterproof bias tape. I made mine 14 inches long ad this is heavy and doesn't tie so crisply. On my previous cushions I used regular bias tape and I couldn't get them clean after a rambunctious meal time.

You might have noticed that I have a really large spool of this tape. Yep, I got 100 yards on Ebay for about 10 bucks including shipping. It was cheaper than purchasing it by the inch.

Fold both sides in and sew down. Use CLOVER clips. NO PINS! All these kind of materials will show the pin holes.

One side of my bias tape was already folded so I only had to fold the other side. Check what you have or are ordering.

Steps Five and Six

high chair Collage 3 re

Sew the cushion cover right sides together, leaving an opening at the end. Use the clover clips, NO PINS

Turn the cushion cover inside out and slip the cushion inside. You might have to push it and smooth it a bit.

Sew the end closed. This is when you will need to change to the rolling foot. Believe me, your regular foot will stick and you will have a mass of stitches on your hand.

Sew two of the strips at each end of the sewn together opening.

If you want, you could sew them in the seam right at the end of the two sides but I preferred this method.

Steps Seven and Eighthigh chair Collage 4 re

Sew the open bias tape right sides together to encase the seam.

I switched back to my regular foot, I only used the roller foot when I was sewing directly on laminated cotton.

I positioned my needle over to the left so the foot wasn't on the cushion itself.

Flip the cushion over. Sew the folded side of the bias tape down.  The bottom is now done, yay! On to the top cushion.

replacement  Collage reSteps Nine and Ten

Position your needle back to the middle.

You will now sew eight of the strips you created earlier onto one of the top cushion pieces.

Use clover clips to put them in the middle of the bottom piece. Place the other two at the top corners. Stitch in place.

Sew the two top cushions right sides together.

I know I have said it before but use the clover clips!

You also have to make sure that the strips don't get caught in the seam.

Steps Eleven and Twelvehigh chair Collage 6 re

These two steps are a repeat of steps seven and eight.

For step twelve I did more than change the needle position.

I switched to my zipper foot.

This allowed me to get closer to the edge and not have the foot going up on an angle.

Guess what?

This is really the last step!

You are done!

high chair Collage 7 re

This is how it looked when I put it on my cutting table.

I put it in my high chair with the tray up and down. I thought it looked great.

Now time to bring it to its new home. Henry collage re

This new and improved version fit the chair really well, better placement of the ties. My daughter will clip off the extras.

But the best part of all? Henry LOVED it. I bet he will have fabulous table manners while sitting in this cushioned high chair.

Or at least, he gets to create his own mess in the new cushion.

Sew happy!

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If you would like to peruse the original post, just click here. It is a photo gallery and before I discovered the wonder of clover clips.

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