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My second brush with the law in Spain

We had a blogapalooza topic about lying. I wrote about how I lied to the Spanish Police. In these activities we only have an hour to write and publish. I had a lot to write about and even pictures so I ran out of time to tell my complete criminal history. Yes, you read that... Read more »

Here we go, more quilt ecards

Remember last September? Here's a card from then.
I have so much fun making quilt funnies for my Facebook page that I have trouble just publishing them once. Yes, you guessed it, more quilt ecards for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy rereading some of my favorites! Sew happy! Want to see and enjoy more quilty fun? Check out my Facebook page. Like... Read more »

Pride of the Prairie 2016 Quilt show was fun for my whole family

Zara was immediately enthused by the balloons. Wait honey, there's even better things inside!
Local quilt shows are everything that I love about the quilting community. There are so many hard working volunteers giving their all to make the show a success. You can see wonderful quilts from local quilters, chat with friends and pick up treats at the bake sale. On Saturday the Pride of the Prairie 2016... Read more »

DIY Green all over table runner tutorial part one

In the month of March my favorite color is green. I put out my Irish table runners, place mats and dish towels. This year was no exception and again this year, I wanted something new. I decided I needed a green all over table runner without using any strictly Irish fabrics. Last month I turned... Read more »

Fabulous trunk show by Weeks Ringle of The Modern Quilt Studio

I am such a night owl that getting up in the morning is not my favorite thing. I love sewing at night, writing up the blog, watching some TV and getting to bed between 1 and 2 am. As a result, I had let my traditional guild membership lapse, I was never there for the... Read more »

Celebrities prove that Quilting and Sewing are the keys to looking and feeling great

The candy companies want you to believe that a snickers does the trick. Ha! We all know it's quilting or sewing!
Have you seen the Snickers commercials where people just aren’t themselves when they are hungry?  A clever reader of mine suggested that I spin that into a quilt meme. I loved the idea and I took it a bit further. Few people know that the true fountain of youth and beauty is found in a... Read more »

Hip hip hooray, I am going to AQS Quilt Week in Paducah, KY

I just love Quilt shows, don’t you? I loved being able to go to QuiltCon last year and this year, I am going to AQS Quilt Week in Paducah, KY. I have heard about this show for all of my quilting life and I kept thinking one day. One year. In the future. Well, the year... Read more »

Wheel of Fortune needs more Sewing Puzzles

Everyone in my family seems to love Wheel of Fortune, even my three year old granddaughter. As a result, I see bits and pieces of it and try to solve some of the puzzles. Besides Zara, I am the worst guesser in the house. Is it because I am bad at word games? No! It’s... Read more »

Let's talk about women's underwear fabrics

I love talking about fabrics, all kinds of fabrics so today, let’s talk about women’s underwear fabrics. No, I am not kidding, I think it’s fascinating. I found a fabulous website when I was poking around online. This article has every single bit of information you would ever want about women’s undergarments. Again, I am... Read more »

12 Catchy Facts about Crazy Quilts

I own three crazy quilts that I inherited from my Mother. She loved to shop at Antique shops and pick up bargains. At the time, I didn’t appreciate everything that she was bringing home but I am sure glad that I had the sense to hang onto these quilts. Before I got my own quilts... Read more »
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