Nala and Simba panel quilt part one

A while ago I wrote a post about a box of free fabrics I received from The Fabric Society. In that box was a panel featuring the Lion King Cubs. I finally got around to starting that project, thank in no small part to my granddaughter really wanting me to sew it already! I am happy to tell you about the Nala and Simba panel quilt.

nala re 1

Here is the panel. Roar! I liked it but you know, I like to make things more fun and interesting.

A couple of years ago I bought a pattern and a bunch of African themed fabric fat quarters. They are along the top of my design wall. I am never going to make that pattern, hello new idea! nala re 2

The first thing I did was cut away the borders which I did not save. Then I cut off the Sima and Nala title. I did save that.

Why? I have no idea!

If you look to the left of the first picture you can see African Savannah grass. Not really, it's just fabric that I found on Ebay. I ordered it in the fall.

My vision is to use it with this panel. I cut 4.5" strips, two of them, vertically. I also cut two nala re 4of them horizontally.

I placed the strips around the panel. I also placed one between the two lions. I want it to look like they are in the Savannah grass.

I also cut a few 9.5" squares from the African fabrics. I put them on the design wall to see how I like the effect.nala re 5 I want this to be like the circle of life, the other animals in Africa.

I liked it so I cut the panel.  I sewed grass all around it. I didn't even sneeze. Great grass!

I cut more squares and placed them to the left and above. I played with them a bit but I am not done playing.

I am thinking I will sew them together and then cut them in half. I will have one half on each side, vertically. Same procedure horizontally. Probably!

nala 7

In the meantime I am keeping the extras in two piles. I have a Heart of Darkness book club coming up. And I have a guild challenge for a modern crazy quilt.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? We shall see, right now it's just a pile. But an exciting one.

I have a second pile with the other side of the squares. nala re 6I also have a cool animal fat quarter. I plan on making Henry a quilt with an African theme also.

I am mentally on a safari right now. I am planning all kinds of African quilts and living with the animals.

Only these animals aren't at all dangerous!

Sew happy!

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